Chamomile, 10 things to do with this plant

There is a lot to learn about chamomile!

Chamomile is a plant that offers many benefits for humans. We can use it in various ways and each time we will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits it gives us.

To learn more about this plant and this ingredient, here are 10 things to do with chamomile.

1. Relieve colds with chamomile

Pour some chamomile into a large bowl of boiling water and place your face over it. Breathe in the steam that comes out of it and you’ll feel better afterwards.

2. Soften the skin with this plant

If you have dry skin, apply a little chamomile directly to the skin to bring some softness and hydration.

3. Relieve the eyes

Are your eyes tired and irritated? Infuse chamomile in hot water and apply (cooled) compresses to your eyes.

4. Counter bad mood

Chamomile essential oil mixed with vegetable oil would seem to be effective in fighting bad moods.

5. Chamomile to relax

Pour a few drops of chamomile essential oil into your bath water to relax and fight stress.

6. Sleep better

In the evening before going to sleep, drink chamomile tea and your sleep will be better.

7. Have a beautiful complexion thanks to chamomile

Pour a few drops of chamomile in your night cream to have a beautiful complexion when you wake up.

8. For an atmosphere of peace

Diffuse a few drops of chamomile essential oil all over the house to inspire peace, calm and relaxation at home.

9. Digest well

Make a chamomile tea to reduce bloating and soothe stomach aches.

10. Chamomile against headache

Every day drink 3 or 4 cups of infused chamomile to calm or prevent headaches. team, things to do with chamomile

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