Changing hairstyles is easy!

How to change hairstyle?

Finding a hairstyle that suits us perfectly is a real challenge, especially if you want to completely change your style, your head. However, it is not impossible with a little work and research.

So how do we change and find the perfect hairstyle for us? 10-Trucs presents below tips to change your haircut and hairstyle!

1. Sites, software and application to change hairstyle

Several tools exist to help you find the ideal hairstyle for your style and your head. Indeed, there are many hairdressing sites that offer hairdressing software as well as online hairdressing applications and simulators.

Free makeover sites and software:

Virtual makeover: This makeover software will help you change and find the ideal hairstyle according to your head and face shape. Here is the web address to test this hairdressing software:

Virtual Makeover Studio: Another free hairstyle simulation popular with women is the simulator from the Aufeminin site. To view several hairstyle ideas with your own photo, go to:

Virtual Hairstyle: Another free virtual hairstyle simulation that will let you come up with a new hairstyle idea is Virtual Hairstyle. Simple, easy and effective go to to test this other software.

Hairstyle apps on Android and IOS:

If you have a smartphone or a tablet then do not hesitate to download and test the hairstyle and makeover apps. Start a search in Google Play or in App Store using the following expressions:

  • Free makeover
  • Hairstyle simulation or Hairstyle simulation
  • hairstyle simulator
  • Change hairstyle
  • Hairstyle simulator, etc.

2. Get inspired by celebrity hairstyles

The stars are a source of inspiration for many people, man or woman. So why not take inspiration from the haircuts and hairstyles of your favorite stars to change your look?

A short visit to people sites will allow you to discover hundreds of ideas for hairstyles and haircuts. Do not hesitate to visit the Instagram profiles of celebrities or the Instagram pages that list the most beautiful cuts and hairstyles.

A simple search with the keyword Hairstyles on Instagram will allow you to find more than 30 million photos and hairstyle ideas for men and women.

3. What hairstyle according to the shape of the face?

Changing hairstyle is easy but it is important to take into account the shape of your face! Here are some practical tips for choosing the right hairstyle according to your face:

hairstyle for round face

Do you have a round face and want to change your hairstyle? It is important to choose a hairstyle that will lengthen the face in order to reduce the effect of roundness.

A hairstyle on long hair with a nice gradient is ideal for the round face.

hairstyle for square face

What hairstyle to choose for a square type face… This is an excellent question. If you plan to change your hairstyle, it is important to opt for a cut on long hair and without too much volume on the sides to avoid the square effect on your face.

A hairstyle for a long face

Changing hairstyles when you have a long face is not always easy! What you absolutely have to remember is that you have to rebalance everything.

It is interesting to choose a haircut that will be medium-length. It is absolutely avoid hairstyle on short hair and long hair.

4. 5 hairstyle ideas with Cynthia Dulude

For those who know Cynthia Dulude, you will love this hairstyle tutorial idea. Cynthia offers us in this video 5 hairstyle ideas that are easy and quick to make.

5. Hairstyle ideas with braids

If you like to wear the braid, you will definitely like these hairstyle ideas made with braids. It is the Youtube channel Caroline and Safia which offers us this excellent hairstyle tutorial.

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