China: the tallest bridge in the world has been opened

Watch out for dizziness! This bridge was built at a height equivalent to a 200-storey building. Inaugurated very recently, the building is undoubtedly a real architectural feat.

The Beipanjiang Bridge is an architectural monster, but above all, the height at which it was built is impressive! Located 565 meters above the valley, the bridge connects two mountainous regions in southwestern China: Guizhou and Yunnan. Its length is also incredible given the height: 1341 meters.

The construction allows a significant reduction in travel time between the two Chinese provinces. Thus, it used to take five hours to make the journey by car, compared to only 1 hour 30 minutes today. Thus, its usefulness is undeniable.

Part of the huge construction cost of the bridge (140 million euros) was swallowed up by research work. The engineers have shown great mastery with regard to the safety of the site as well as its longevity since at this height, the bridge is particularly affected by strong winds, especially since its main pillars are spaced 500 meters apart!

The Beipanjiang Bridge has therefore broken the world record for the highest bridge held so far by the Sidu River Bridge (496 meters in height). However, it is not the longest bridge in the world since this title has been held since 2004 by the Millau viaduct located in the Tarn valley in France. The latter has a structure measuring 343 meters in height and stretches over 2460 m.

As evidenced by the pictures of the Beipanjiang bridge visible on this page, the height at which it was built is mind-blowing, sensitive souls abstain!

Sources: China Information – RTL

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