Choose and find your hair color

How to choose your new hair color?

When you change hair color, it’s often a sign of a big change, hence the importance of making a good choice of color. You have to be sure of your choice and find a color that will go well with your style, your personality, in short, that will look good on you.

10 Tips offers below several tips and advice to help you choose the right hair color.

1. Choose the right hair dye number

The numbers indicated on the hair coloring boxes represent the color and the reflection. Ranging from number 1 for black color to number 10 for light platinum blond.

There is the dye which brings only shades, there is also the tone on tone which lasts on average up to 8 weeks and finally there are the permanent dyes which last much longer and which are more powerful and strong on the hair.

Here is the meaning of the numbers for the color levels:

  • 1 = black color
  • 3 = dark chestnut color
  • 4 = chestnut color
  • 5 = light brown color
  • 6 = dark blond color
  • 7 = blond color
  • 8 = light blond color
  • 9 = very light blond color
  • 10 = light platinum blonde

Now here are the numbers for the color of the highlights:

  • 0 = natural reflection
  • 1 = ash sheen
  • 2 = iridescent reflection
  • 3 = golden shimmer
  • 4 = copper sheen
  • 5 = mahogany sheen
  • 6 = red reflection
  • 7 = tropical shimmer

2. Choose your hair color according to your complexion

To choose a color, you can consider the color of your complexion as well as the color of your eyes. It will be easier to choose a hair color that matches her attributes such as her natural complexion.

For example, if you have very pale skin and choose a black hair color, it will make a very big contrast. This is an example to avoid.

Here is what hair color to choose based on your complexion and skin tone:

  • Golden skin, dark skin and black skin: Choose a chocolate, caramel, dark silver gray, burgundy or dark brown hair color.
  • Clear skin: Choose a blonde, light blonde, platinum blonde yet pale blue-gray hair color.
  • Porcelain skin: Choose an icy brown, cocoa or rose gold hair color
  • Redhead woman skin: Choose a golden blonde, copper blonde, plum or intense red hair color

3. What is the desired effect with this color

By changing your hair color, you can opt for a very natural color or a more showy color filled with artifice.

For example, if you dye your hair black, you can choose between a natural black or a bluish black which is very blue and looks much less natural. Of course, bluish black hair coloring is not advisable for all women and girls.

If you don’t want to choose a natural hair color then go for a little more extravagant colors taking into account your skin tone of course. Here are some popular colors with young women:

  • rose gold color
  • silver gray color
  • lilac color
  • ash pink color
  • the color orange
  • ash green color

4. Choose a color that is lighter than too dark

If you are new to hair coloring, it is all the more important to choose the right color. But now, how to choose your new color?

So if you are not sure of the color you want, it is better to choose a coloring color a little lighter than expected to avoid unpleasant surprises. This way, if you don’t like your new head, it will be easier to change the color later to a darker dye.

If you find your hair too dark why not lighten it? Here is an article to discover on this subject: How to lighten her hair naturally?

5. Start with highlights

Much like the previous tip, if you’re really unsure of the hair color you want why not start gradually?

Indeed, if you are not sure of the desired color, you can simply start with strands of hair of different colors. The change will therefore not be drastic and you will see whether or not it suits you well.

6. Makeover software to find your color

To find a new hair color or even a new haircut, makeover style software and apps are very popular with women but also with men.

Indeed, several free makeover sites, software and applications can be used and downloaded online. With these hairdressing software and apps, you can use your photo and change your color and haircut, among other things. Apps and software to help you change your look completely and virtually. ?

Here are some names of popular software and applications to change hair color:

  • Virtual makeover on Journal des femmes
  • Style My Hair by L’Oreal Professional
  • Virtual-hairdresser
  • Aufeminin Virtual Makeover Studio

Also run a search on the terms makeover or hair color in Google play to find dozens and dozens of different applications and most of them free.

7. Choose your new hair color based on:

Choose your hair color according to your hair length

If you have very long hair and you choose a very showy color such as light red, it will be much more visible than on short hair. The impact will be very real.

Also, if you have long hair and go from very dark to very light using bleach, you may lose your hair somewhat and damage your hair ends.

Choose your color according to your style of dress

It is certain that the hair must go well with his facial morphology, but also with his clothes. You will say that you don’t wear the same colors of clothes every day and I agree.

But if, for example, you have a chic and clean dress style and you dye your hair pink, it is clear that everything will not go very well together.

Choose according to the maintenance of the coloring

Some colors require more maintenance than others. so if you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on coloring your hair, it’s best to take this detail into consideration.

8. Seek advice from a beauty consultant

Finally, why not ask a beauty consultant to help you choose your new hair color?

If you are in a pharmacy or beauty shop, why not ask the cosmetician for advice? Indeed, the cosmeticians and beauty advisers regularly receive training in coloring and beauty care. This person will therefore be able to suggest a good choice of colors according to your style and skin tone.

Same thing if you are in a hairdressing salon, the hairdresser or the coloring technician can also advise you very well.

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