Christmas present in mason jars

Use mason jars to make original Christmas gifts!

For those who like to make beautiful Christmas gifts, you will love these DIY ideas and recipes to make in mason jars.

Here are our 10 gift ideas to make with mason jars at home for Christmas.

The 10 gift ideas and recipes in mason jars:

1. Cookies in a Mason Jar Recipe

There are several chocolate cookie recipes you can choose from, but ricardo’s seems really perfect as a gift idea for Christmas. Ideal as a hostess gift for Christmas for example.

Cookie recipe in a mason jar for Christmas

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2. All the ingredients for a homemade cocktail ?

Another original idea as a host gift, for your friends or even for your brothers and sisters for Christmas is to place a drink in a mason jar and attach a small bottle of drink to make a cocktail.

ingredients for a cocktail in a jar

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3. Hot chocolate and sweets

Another gift idea to make in small jars, marshmallows, candies and hot chocolate.

Snowman in jars with chocolate and candies,

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4. Girl-in-a-jar makeup and stuff

Another great idea for a young girl’s Christmas gift is makeup stuff to put in a mason jar. Admit that it is original as a presentation!

Christmas present for young girl, makeup in a mason jar

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5. Hide a gift card in a jar

If you want to offer money or even a gift card at Christmas, why not offer it in a pretty mason jar decorated with candies.

Gift card in a mason jar

6. A Christmas gift for tea lovers

If you need to give a tea lover a Christmas present, this is the perfect gift to place in a mason jar.

 Gift idea in a mason jar, tea or coffee

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7. Gift idea for your host at Christmas

Another perfect gift idea for Christmas! A gift for the host who receives you on Christmas Eve this year, sweets or chocolate in a decorated pot.

Candy and chocolate in a mason jar

8. Gift Brownie Recipe

Another original idea to pot your favorite brownie recipe! All the ingredients and the recipe nicely written on a sheet in a mason jar for Christmas.

Recipe for brownies as a Christmas gift idea

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9. A good comforting soup ?

If you have a great homemade soup recipe why not give it as a hostess gift at Christmas?

Soup ingredient in a mason jar as a Christmas gift

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10. Cookies with M&Ms ? yum yum

As a last gift idea, the ingredients to cook good cookies in Christmas colors with M&Ms :).

M&m cookie in a mason jar for Christmas

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