Civil War-era cannonballs unearthed by Hurricane Matthew

This bears witness to the power and violence of the passage of Hurricane Matthew in recent days, since more than a dozen cannonballs dating from the American Civil War, the Civil War, have come to the surface on a Folly Island Beach, South Carolina.

The American Civil War took place between 1861 and 1865. More than 150 years later, it therefore took the violent passage of Hurricane Matthew to see about fifteen cannonballs dating from this Civil War being dug up on a beach in South Carolina, at Folly Island. These were discovered by Richard Beck, the former mayor of the city of Charleston, while taking photos of the extent of the damage.  » I knew it was cannonballs he notably told Live 5 News.  » One of them had a distinct hole. I don’t know much about the Civil War but I do know that they put wick detonators in there so they could detonate them whenever they wanted“.

The cannonballs were discovered on Sunday October 9, and it was during the night from Sunday to Monday that the police cleared most of the explosives, and sent the rest to the naval base to be destroyed, said said the county sheriff.

The former mayor of Charleston, Richard Beck, has also indicated that this is not the first discovery of the time of the American Civil War in the city of Charleston, since when he was the mayor , in 1980,  » cannonballs had already been found in the cellar of a house, the demining teams had intervened“.

For information, the first shots of this Civil War were given in 1861 near Fort Sumter, near the port of Charleston.

Sources: fox10, live5news

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