Clean a dog, 10 tips for success

How to clean a dog?

A dog must be clean it is essential. The puppy must therefore begin to relieve itself in the house during the first weeks of its birth and then outside, like any other dog.

There are very simple basic rules to follow and then it will be child’s play, if of course you persevere, that you have consistency and patience. 10 Tips presents tips and tricks to get your dog clean quickly.

1. Delimit 3 living spaces for the dog at home

It is important to transform your house or at least accommodate your dog so that he can live and grow well in the house. Hence the importance of defining 3 living spaces for the dog in the house. It’s really important for clean a dog.

To do this, the dog will need these 3 spaces:

  • a space to sleep
  • a space to eat
  • a space to play.

It is important not to mix and deprive your dog of these 3 distinct places in the house because he risks being unhappy, anxious and therefore more difficult for you to tame him and make him clean. It is important that your dog is happy at all times!

So if you want to get a clean dog fast avoid putting newspapers near any of these three places. It is absolutely necessary to prepare a space in the house which will be reserved for the needs only and especially do not forget to place it far from the bed for dog.

how to potty train a dog

2. Designate an area for the puppy’s needs

So now that you know that it is absolutely necessary to delimit spaces to play, eat and sleep, it is better to attract your dog to the right place for his needs.

For example, you can choose the bathroom or the kitchen to create the space dedicated to the needs of the dog. What is important is that you have to choose a place opposite to that of the food. The puppy must understand that there is only one place where he can relieve himself in the house or apartment. It is only by respecting this element that you will quickly succeed in making a puppy clean.

If you live in an apartment or when the outdoor space is difficult to access and very small then why not buy a portable toilet for your dog? You can use this type of dog litter both inside and outside the house. 10 Tips offers below a portable toilet for small, medium or large dogs.

If you really want to clean a dog, you have to do it inside to begin with and not outside the apartment or the house.

Many people may be tempted to choose the balcony or a small patch of lawn near the front door to do the dog’s business, but this is certainly not the best idea for successfully getting a clean puppy quickly.

If you do this the dog will no longer know the difference between inside and outside the house for his needs. It is therefore preferable to choose a place inside for the first weeks of your puppy’s life and then to educate him to relieve himself outside when he is ready to do so by himself. This is why it becomes interesting to buy a portable dog toilet (dog litter) as seen above on this page.

clean a dog in an apartment

4. Lay out newspapers

For your dog to be able to relieve himself, you will simply have to put newspapers in the designated place for his needs. The more time goes by, the more you will be able to bring the newspapers closer to the front door to finally have your needs relieved outside the house.

For a more hygienic side you can also buy special mats online to quickly clean the dog in the house. These are educational and ultra-absorbent mats that transform liquids (dog pee) into gel.

Here is just for you a model of training mat to make your puppy clean « hygienically speaking » more interesting. After several opinions and comments from our visitors, we now offer you this model of dog trainer mats:

Dog training mats

Dog training mats

  • Ideal for getting your puppy clean quickly
  • Quick-drying, ultra-absorbent quality rug
  • TOP quality price

5. Notice the dog’s signs

You absolutely must take the time to observe your dog’s signs. When your dog wants to relieve himself, pee or poop, he will sometimes turn in circles, sniff the ground and crouch. This will be a sign that he wants to relieve himself now without further delay. Understanding your dog is important!

check the signs of the dog to put him clean

All you have to do is hurry to pick it up and carry it on the trainer mat or in the dog litter. The faster you do it, the more he will eventually understand that he must do his business only in this place in the house.

Later, in a few days or weeks, it will now be time to put him outside so that he can do his business there from now on.

It is thanks to the signs of the dog and your speed of execution that you will succeed in potty training a puppy quickly and efficiently.

6. A crate to put your dog clean?

Here it is not a question of placing your dog in a cage at all times but rather of using the cage to prevent the risk of peeing on the floor or the rug during your absence.

The dog crate is also very practical when you don’t have time to take care of it properly. Whether it’s at night, during the children’s homework or during the preparation of meals, why not simply place the dog in the crate.

It is very important to use a suitable crate and to install it in a good place in the house to reassure your pet. So if you don’t have a dog crate don’t panic here is a quality model for your dog:

7. Get your dog clean as soon as possible

It is important to clean your dog as early as possible in its life because the longer you wait the more it will be possible to clean it easily.

It is therefore very important to do this when the puppy is between 3 and 5 months old maximum. It is only around the age of 3 months that the puppy understands the commands you give it. It is therefore the best time to clean a dog quickly and easily above all.

With this advice and our other tips and tricks above it will be easy to potty train your dog in a few days or a few weeks at most.

8. Accept small accidents

Your dog is not perfect especially so young while he is still a little puppy. It will happen to him to make small accidents in his training of cleanliness and it is completely normal. They should not be accepted, but they must still be tolerated so as not to make your dog anxious.

As the smell of dog pee in a house is not at all pleasant, you can use a special odor remover. Here is the Saniterpen Odor Destroyer product which quickly eliminates bad odors, including the smell of cat and dog urine.

Odor destroyer, Saniterpen

Odor destroyer, Saniterpen

  • Great product to get rid of bad odors
  • Eliminates dog and cat odors
  • Can be used on cage, litter, carpet, etc.

If you are looking for anti-odor tips instead, then I suggest you read these other tips and tricks: Grandma’s tip to remove dog odor.

9. Not cleaning up messes in front of the pup

Do you have a habit of teasing your dog and cleaning up the pee or poo in front of him when he’s very close to you? It’s the worst thing you can do if you want to housetrain a dog fast.

If the dog makes a mess and then sees you cleaning it up with the bucket, soap and mop, he will think it’s a game. So don’t clean up the pee on the floor or the carpet. Wait until your dog is out of the way to properly clean up his pee on the floor.

10. Learn to defecate outdoors

Of course when a puppy is born he can’t immediately go outside to relieve himself. He will have to do his business indoors, hence our large selection of tips and tricks to help you put a clean puppy in the house.

On the other hand, some people tend to stretch out this period of cleanliness in the house too much. On the contrary, it is necessary to start as soon as possible to teach the dog to relieve himself outside, in fact as soon as you feel that your dog is ready.

So when your dog is 3 months old and the newspapers are getting closer and closer to the front door, you will still need to watch for the dog’s signs. When he is about to relieve himself, quickly open the door and go out for a walk with your dog.

Here are 2 accessories that you absolutely must get when your dog starts to relieve himself outside: a poop scoop for the garden and bags for dog poop during your walks in the park.

Poop rake

Poop rake

  • Ideal tool for quickly picking up dog droppings
  • Removable tips for easy cleaning
  • No more bending over to pick up dog poop

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