Clean a dull and stained mirror

How to clean a mirror?

Cleaning a mirror seems to be very simple, but yet, we do not always know how to clean it properly. In addition, it is easy to leave traces or dust on such a surface. Rather than smearing and staining the mirror further, you might as well take advice on cleaning the surface impeccably.

10 Tips presents you below its best tips and tricks to clean a tarnished mirror or worse with unwanted spots and stains!

1. Clean a mirror with white vinegar

White vinegar is a natural product that can clean almost everything in the house, including mirrors and windows. To prepare this cleaning recipe you simply need

  • Mix white vinegar with water
  • Soak a clean cloth or sponge and wash the mirror with this solution
  • Then dry with a clean, dry cloth (a microfiber cloth is ideal)

You can also mix a little denatured alcohol with white vinegar and a little water to wash the mirror. This mixture is ideal for cleaning a mirror with stubborn black spots or a mirror tarnished by time.

2. Wash a mirror with a microfiber cloth

The microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning and shining a mirror. Of course, this trick is effective if the mirror is dusty or has only a few small spots on the surface.

Just rub the mirror with the cloth to make it shine again. If you don’t have microfiber cloths at home, here are some at a low price. Happy cleaning!

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3. Newspaper to wash a mirror

wash a mirror with newspaper

This trick may seem a bit special, but newspaper actually helps clean and shine mirrors, but also windows and glass in the house. Here’s how:

  • Take a sheet of newspaper and make it into a ball-shaped cloth
  • Add rubbing alcohol with a little white vinegar
  • Rub the stained mirror with the mixture to remove all stains and dirt

You’ll see great results on your windows and mirrors with this newspaper trick. So are you going to test this stuff?

4. Make a paste based on Spanish white

Do you know the Blanc d’Espagne or Blanc de Meudon product? This product was very popular in the past with our grandmothers to clean and stain everything in the house. Fortunately for some time it has been gaining popularity. Here are the ingredients needed for this grandma’s recipe:

  • 1/4 cup Spanish white
  • 2/4 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

Mix the 3 products together to form a kind of paste that will be neither too firm nor too liquid. When the paste is a little dry, you can apply it to a clean cloth and very gently rub the mirror. This grandmother’s tip based on Meudon white is very effective for cleaning a mirror with black spots and other very stubborn stains. For a clean, sparkling and streak-free mirror, this is the perfect solution.

5. Clean a mirror with a potato

wash a mirror with a potato

A potato to clean a mirror…Seriously!? Well yes, the potato is a natural and effective product to clean a mirror without leaving traces. Here’s how to clean a mirror with the potato:

  • Cut a raw potato in half
  • Take one of the halves and rub the whole mirror
  • Rinse with water and dry with a microfiber cloth the mirror to finish

You can also add a little methylated spirit or white vinegar to the water when rinsing for an even cleaner, shinier mirror.

6. Glycerin to clean a mirror

When we take a shower or a good hot bath, mist forms on the bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, this mist can leave traces but also stains if you do not take the time to dry the mirror well.

To precisely avoid fogging which leaves its marks on the mirror, you can use a little glycerine. Just apply a little glycerine to a dry cloth and rub the mirror. This is an excellent tip for cleaning a mirror without making streaks and even to prevent streaks and stains caused by fogging.

7. Finger stains and grease on a mirror

It is common to see fingerprints and grease stains on a mirror or glass. But now, how to remove this type of stains and traces of grease on a mirror?

Ammonia is the solution to quickly remove these stains on a mirror. To do this, just

  • Mix water with a little ammonia
  • Spray the mixture on the mirror
  • Rub the entire surface of the mirror with a clean cloth

Ammonia water is really effective in easily cleaning finger stains, grease stains and even makeup stains on mirrors.

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