Clean a fridge, 10 cleaning tips

How to clean a very dirty fridge?

A fridge must be clean and hygienic, it’s essential! You don’t realize it, but dirt accumulates quickly and even mold on occasion. And that’s not to mention the bacteria and bad odors that can appear in the fridge. So don’t forget to wash your refrigerator regularly for everyone’s well-being.

Be alert to bad odors and pay close attention to what’s inside. Here are 10 tips to properly clean your fridge.

Tips and tricks for cleaning a moldy and dirty fridge:

1. Wash the fridge once a month

Unplug the fridge, empty it and remove the bins and shelves. Then wash absolutely everything inside the fridge with lukewarm water and soda crystals. Rinse and dry. Plug the fridge back in and put everything back in.

If you have the time and the patience, go for two full refrigerator washes every month. This will prevent bad odors and the risk of mold in the fridge due to humidity.

2. Use white vinegar

Vinegar, this ingredient that we love for cleaning tasks! For a quick cleaning of the fridge, simply use a micro-fiber cloth soaked in white vinegar. Clean all the surfaces and shelves of the fridge with the vinegar and you’re done.

3. Hot water and baking soda

Do you want a homemade recipe to wash your fridge? Water and baking soda, no more complicated than that! Wash your refrigerator with a towel soaked in hot water and sprinkled with baking soda. Rub the inside of the refrigerator with this mixture to remove dirt, bad odors and traces of mold.

4. Disinfect a fridge

Before disinfecting the entire interior take everything out and unplug the fridge. Next, make a mixture of water and bleach and soak a cloth in it. Clean everything, wait 5 minutes, rinse and dry.

5. Ground coffee to remove bad odors

A bad smell reigns in the fridge? Place some ground coffee in your fridge to remove bad smells. Otherwise, it may be only half a lemon that you can replace every other day for about a week.

6. Mold in the fridge?

Dirt or even small stains in a fridge is not too serious, but mold is a whole other thing. To prevent mold from forming, put a bowl of clean litter in the fridge and no mold will form in the fridge. This trick may seem weird but it is really very effective against mold and bad smells in the fridge.

7. Use an oven product

If you have rust on your fridge, you can rub it off with a cloth sprayed with oven cleaner. Leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse with a damp cloth to remove the rust in the fridge. Be careful to rinse well and remove all traces of this cleaning product.

However, you have to be very careful with over-the-counter cleaning products. The cleaning products sold on the market are not suitable for washing a refrigerator since they are often toxic.

8. Remove dust from the fridge grills

Accumulated dust will increase the energy consumption of your fridge, did you know? So regularly, remove the dust with a dry cloth from the grids behind the fridge.

9. Clean out the food in the fridge

Cleaning all the facets of the fridge is very important, but you also have to take the time to sort out and throw away the things that are no longer good in the fridge, especially fruits, vegetables and meats. So take advantage of this moment of cleaning to do this monthly sorting of outdated foods.

10. To remove odors from the cheese box

Have you noticed a funny smell in the cheese box of your fridge? Put some thyme in a paper towel and put it in the cheese box to remove bad smells. A natural anti-odor trick perfect for the fridge.

Do you know how to clean and whiten the joints of the fridge? Simply take an old toothbrush with toothpaste and scrub all your joints to eliminate traces of mold in your fridge. You can also use the power of white vinegar to thoroughly clean the fridge door seal, which is just as effective as toothpaste.

12. Lemon as a cleanser and deodorant

Mix a little lemon juice with hot water and scrub the dirtiest corners of your fridge. To camouflage bad smells, cut a lemon in half and place it somewhere on a shelf.

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