Clean car seats

How to clean car seats?

A car seat is like a couch at home; it needs to be cleaned! Over time, it is easy to get fabric or leather car seats dirty. Dust, dirt, food, drink and debris left behind by children.

But how do you clean the seats of a car? Well that’s what you’ll find out here! 10 Tips introduces you to 10 tips and products for cleaning car seats.

1. Clean car seats with a steam cleaner

Are your car seats cloth? Do they need to be deep cleaned to remove dirt and bring them back to their former glory? So why not use the power of steam to clean the fabric seats in your car!

Always looking for products with a good value for money, 10 Tips offers you a steam cleaner below. It can be used to clean fabric so ideal for fabric seats in a car.

As it is very compact it is easy to use it in the car but also in the house whether it is to clean a sofa, the windows, the tiles, the shower, the curtains, etc. On the other hand, for larger surfaces to be cleaned, it is better to invest in a more efficient steam cleaner.

Steam cleaner

Steam cleaner

  • For deep tissue cleaning
  • Multi-purpose cleaner for home, car and garden
  • TOP quality price!

2. Clean a car seat with white vinegar

How about trying out a homemade car seat cleaning recipe? White vinegar is the secret ingredient for thoroughly cleaning the car and its seats.

To make a success of this homemade car seat cleaner recipe you must:

  • Mix warm water and white vinegar in equal quantity
  • Then add some liquid dish soap to the mixture
  • Soak a sponge or cloth to rub stains on car seats

home recipe to clean a car seat

Do not forget at the end to rinse well with a slightly damp cloth. So there you have it, a homemade and inexpensive trick to quickly clean car seats that are very dirty.

3. Textile cleaner and disinfectant

If you want to clean the fabric seats of the car and at the same time clean the carpets, carpets and sofas in the house, why not use a textile cleaner?

There are cleaning products designed specifically to remove stains from car seats, but also very good household textile cleaners that can be used in the car without any problem. Here is one of the top textile cleaning products that can be purchased online right here:

A fabric cleaner for car seats:

You can also use a cleaner designed specifically for car fabrics and carpets if you prefer. Here is a very popular one right here:

Car interior stain remover

Car interior stain remover

  • Removes stubborn stains inside the car
  • Cleans floor mats, carpets and fabric seats
  • Eliminates bad odors from the car

4. Clean a car seat with ammonia

To clean a fabric car seat you can also use the cleaning power of ammonia to remove stains easily. An excellent tip that consists of:

  • Mix ammonia with a little cold water
  • Soak the stains in this ammonia solution
  • Scrub the fabric of the seat with a brush or a cloth
  • Rinse quickly to remove all traces of the mixture on the fabric
  • Dry with a dry cloth to finish

Above all, do not leave the ammonia mixture on the fabric for too long. Better to test this trick on an inconspicuous part of the car seat to start with.

5. Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Leather seats are relatively easy to clean. A little soapy water and a soft cloth is all you need to clean leather seats. What is more complicated and more expensive is to take care of the leather precisely.

Fortunately there are very good products to care for and protect the seats and other leather trim in a car. Here is a leather conditioner that can be applied to the leather seats of the car but also to the leather furniture in the house.

Leather conditioner

Leather Conditioner

  • Erasing leather in the car and at home
  • Restores, protects and softens leather seats
  • Product with real leather smell

6. Clean car seats with baking soda

Very useful around the house for cleaning stubborn stains and removing bad smells, baking soda is also an excellent tip for cleaning car seats.

To clean car seats you need:

  • Mix baking soda with white vinegar
  • Mix well to form a sort of paste
  • Apply and rub the stains on the fabric

To remove bad odors from fabrics:

  • Sprinkle baking soda on seats and car mats
  • Leave on overnight to fully absorb odors
  • Vacuum to complete the anti-odor operation

WHAT! You don’t have baking soda at home… Not even in your fridge? Here are some available at the best price right here:

Baking soda

Baking soda

  • Multi-purpose product
  • Ecological and economical product
  • Effectively stains and cleans

7. A vomit stain on the car seat

Clean a vomit stain on a car seat with perrier

A vomit stain on your car seat or on the carpet? Do not panic especially it is quite possible to remove this stain quickly, here is how to do it.

Simply pour a little Perrier water on the vomit stain. The bubbles in the Perrier water will quickly loosen the vomit stain on the seat and other fabrics in the car. You can repeat as needed if the stain persists after cleaning. Don’t forget to dry the car seat thoroughly so that you don’t leave dark marks on the fabric or leather seat.

Perrier water is a simple, fast and extremely effective tip in the car but also against vomit stains on the sofa or worse in bed!

For other tips for cleaning up vomit, I recommend this other article on the subject: Tip for removing a vomit stain.

8. Bad smells from car seats

If your car seats have a bad odor, you can of course sprinkle them with baking soda and wait overnight before vacuuming them afterwards. The bad smell in your car will be greatly reduced. But there is even better than baking soda… The air purifier!

So you can also install a small portable air purifier in the car. Ideal for those who smoke in the car for example. If the car seats are fabric then why not test this anti-odor gadget?

Car air freshener bag

Car air freshener bag

  • Eliminates bad odors in the car
  • Air purifier with activated bamboo charcoal
  • Also helps control humidity in the car

9. Clean the seats with soda crystals

Another tip for cleaning car seats is to use soda crystals. Here’s how to do this cleaning trick:

In a container add and mix well:

  • 2 liters of lukewarm water
  • 2 cups of soda crystals
  • Mix the 2 ingredients well

Then take a cloth or sponge soaked in the homemade mixture to rub the seats well and more specifically the stains on the fabrics. Don’t forget to rinse well once you’ve finished cleaning the seats with a damp cloth in lukewarm water. Of course, you have to finish with a good drying to avoid water rings on the fabric of the seats.

soda crystals and water for cleaning car seats

10. Car seat cover

Before staining or seriously damaging the seats in the car why not protect them, especially if you have children to travel.

If you have children sitting in the back seat, you risk getting a lot of stains and dirt on the back of your front seats. You can of course rub and use one of our homemade tips to clean and remove stains, but to avoid always having to start cleaning again, the protective cover is a solution.

Here is a model of a rear seat cover to prevent your children from dirtying the whole car with their shoes and boots. In addition to protecting the seats of the car it is also a great car organizer, ideal for storing lots of stuff.

11. Vacuum to clean car seats

A little cleaning every week is recommended to keep the seats, the carpets and the whole interior of the car clean. To facilitate cleaning and remove dirt, why not use a small portable vacuum cleaner?

Both for cleaning carpets and car seats, the vacuum remains a must in the car. You can of course bring the car close to the house to use the house vacuum cleaner, but why not get a portable vacuum cleaner that you can leave in the car.

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