Clean moldings, 10 cleaning tips

A lot of woodwork to clean in the house?

Baseboards and moldings always give a nice finish to a room. But although they are beautiful and pleasant, they also collect dust and accumulate stains.

To properly clean these moldings and baseboards (and others), here are 10 good cleaning tips!

1. Soapy water and moldings

With a stiff brush, scrub your moldings and other woodwork with soapy water. But be careful not to damage the paint or stain on your moldings with the brush.

2. Methylated spirits

Mix water with rubbing alcohol and scrub your moldings and other woodwork with a good brush.

3. Powder detergent for washing the moldings

By mixing water and washing powder, form a paste and apply it to moldings and baseboards. Wait a few minutes and rinse everything off.

4. For plaster mouldings…

If your moldings are made of plaster, take a fine brush and gently rub them so as not to damage them with other products.

5. Marseille soap

Mix water and Marseille soap and soak a sponge in this mixture. Scrub your moldings and other woodwork in the house and rinse.

6. Prevent dirt on your moldings and baseboards

To prevent dirt on your moldings and baseboards, air your rooms every day by opening the windows.

7. Avoid fumes in the house

Candles, incense, cigarettes… all will be good agents for dirtying your moldings and other woodwork, so pay particular attention to them.

8. White vinegar and liquid furniture wax

Concoct a mixture of 5 liters of hot water, a glass of white vinegar and 3 tablespoons of liquid furniture wax and rub your baseboards with this mixture.

9. Dish Soap

Add liquid dish soap to hot water and scrub all of your baseboards and moldings.

10. Basic advice for cleaning

Always start by cleaning your walls before the baseboards and moldings otherwise the dirt from the walls will spread on your baseboards.

Now that you know how to wash moldings, come and discover our tips for baseboards right here: How to clean white baseboards?

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