Clean the asphalt, 10 cleaning tips

Lots of stains on your asphalt yard?

Over time, it is quite normal for spots to appear on the asphalt. Therefore, it will need to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

But how to clean this type of surface? That’s what you’ll learn right here! Here are 10 tips for cleaning asphalt!

1. Use rainwater to wash asphalt

Here is a very ecological way to wash your asphalt! Place buckets on your land and wait for them to fill with rainwater. Then you can rinse your asphalt by first sweeping the residue towards the street.

2. Use a gasoline sprayer

The sprayer is an excellent device for thoroughly cleaning asphalt. It is also good for cleaning concrete. You can buy this device in many stores, such as Canadian Tire.

3. Absorb greasy stains on asphalt

As soon as you notice oil or gasoline stains on the asphalt, for example, quickly pour cat litter on it to absorb the excess.

4. Use a degreasing cleaner

A domestic product such as Hertel will be perfect. Spray it on the stains and let it work. Then scrub with a brush and rinse the asphalt. Repeat as needed if there are still stains.

5. Clean asphalt with laundry soap

In a bucket, mix a little laundry soap with a large amount of water. Pour the water over the asphalt pavement and scrub well with a push broom. Rinse afterwards.

6. Apply a sealer to the asphalt

Preferably made of asphalt, this sealer will give your asphalt driveway a brand new appearance!

7. Remove weeds from your driveway

To remove weeds growing in cracks in your asphalt, just pour boiling water over them. Repeat as often as necessary.

8. Clean asphalt with white vinegar

Still to remove weeds, you can also use white vinegar. Mix the vinegar with boiling water and pour it into the cracks.

9. Say Goodbye to Dandelions

To remove dandelions growing in cracks in your asphalt, you can pull them out with a knife, starting from the root.

10. Pour coarse salt

Pour coarse salt in the holes of your asphalt to prevent weeds from growing there! team, trick to clean asphalt

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