Cleaning the gutters, 10 tips for cleaning well

Do you have time to clean your gutters?

When you own a house, you have to take care of a lot of maintenance things, including of course the gutters. There are several ways to properly maintain the gutters of the house and with the right tools and the right gestures you will get there easily.

Here are 10 tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining all the gutters in the house..

1. Clean the gutter profiles

This is to remove all the debris present in the gutters. It is therefore necessary to remove the branches, rocks, leaves and all other debris that are there.

2. Start with the lower part of the gutter

Open manholes, remove debris and wash with water.

3. Declutter the profiles

Remove anything caught in the extrusions. Feel free to use a small shovel to do this.

4. Repair leaks

With an upturned bucket, plug the downspout and fill the gutter with water to find and repair leaks.

5. Check and repair obstructions

Remove the bucket and check that everything drains well into the drain. Check the downspout elbow and remove obstructions.

6. Wash the aligners

With a watering jet, wash the gutters thoroughly. Be careful if you are at height. It is sometimes better to call on an expert in the field.

7. Use a pressure washer

If you wish, know that you can clean your gutters with high pressure as well.

8. Use a cylindrical brush

This type of brush will be excellent for scraping the inside of your gutter profiles.

9. Use tongs with handles

These pliers will help you a lot. They can even be equipped with telescopic extensions.

10. Take stock

After cleaning your gutters, it is important to always take stock. Check if the gutters are drilled, if the hooks are not broken, if the joints are in good condition and if the clamps are torn. team, tips for cleaning gutters

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