Cleaning very dirty windows and windows, 10 cleaning tips

How to clean dirty and dirty windows?

When you wake up in the morning, you take a look at the window, and what do you see? Dirt! If you haven’t done a major cleaning for a while, it’s normal that the window panes are all dirty.

So how do you clean them? To have a clean, shiny window without leaving traces, you can use several cleaning techniques. Here are 10 effective tips for cleaning the windows of the house.

1. Clean very dirty windows with white vinegar

Vinegar is a miracle product for everything related to household maintenance. White vinegar is an excellent degreaser and easily removes soap residue. It is therefore very useful in cleaning car windows and house windows.

To wash heavily soiled windows with vinegar:

  • Mix 250 milliliters of white vinegar with 750 milliliters of hot water.
  • Then soak a cloth in this solution and clean your window as usual.

For a VERY dirty and clogged window, add a little baking soda to the cloth soaked in water and white vinegar. Ideal for removing stubborn stains from glass.

To discover another cleansing recipe based on white vinegar, visit this other tip: Wash a window with vinegar.

2. Water and ammonia to wash very dirty windows

Ammonia, combined with water, also acts as a powerful stain remover and degreaser. However, once the windows have been washed, they must be thoroughly rinsed and wiped to avoid cleaning marks.

So to use ammonia to wash the windows, just mix half a glass of the product with a liter of water. In the end, beautiful clean windows without traces. You can also use this water and ammonia trick to remove stubborn stains from glasses and mirrors.

3. Newsprint for streak-free windows

Despite your efforts, are there still traces of cleaning on your windows? Wipe them with newspaper! And yes, newspaper is a little cleaning trick well kept by our grandmothers to wash windows and windows.

  • Crumple a sheet of newspaper to give it a softer texture.
  • Then soak the newspaper with a little warm water and wash your windows.

Newsprint should do a great job of cleaning your home windows and mirrors, as well as car windows.

Also effective for a mirror?

And yes, this newsprint trick is also useful on mirrors but other tricks can also be tested: How to clean a tarnished mirror?

4. Glycerine and water from heavily soiled windows

Soak a cloth with water and a few drops of glycerin. It is an effective solution for removing stains and dirt from your window without leaving traces on it once the cleaning is finished. In addition, the glycerin will prevent dust from sticking to the windows.

Alternatively, you could simply rub your windows with an old nylon pantyhose on which you have poured a few drops of glycerine.

5. Rubbing alcohol and soap to clean dirty windows

This trick is to be used for very dirty windows. In a bucket, mix:

  • 4 liters of water
  • ¼ cup liquid dish soap
  • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol

Rub the glass with a soft cloth soaked in this solution. Stains, dirt and paint rarely resist this cleaning solution.

A rubber squeegee is a very useful tool for cleaning the windows of the house but also for washing the shower glass. Put a little dishwashing liquid in hot water, and apply this cleaning liquid to the window using a sponge. Finally, pass the rubber squeegee to remove the stains.

Note that you must rinse with water at the end of the work, then wipe to avoid leaving traces on the windows. If you do not have a squeegee to clean the windows of the house here is quality at low prices.

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7. The tip for cleaning windows and windows: A microfiber wipe

The microfiber cloth is an excellent trick to clean your windows without leaving traces. Indeed, it is often rags and other pieces of fabric made of large fibers that leave marks on the windows.

To avoid these traces on the windows, it is better to equip yourself with a microfiber cloth.

8. Electric window cleaner

The electric machine for cleaning windows is also a means that offers good results. There are different types of window cleaners:

  • The electric window washer is a wireless device made up of 3 elements: a squeegee, a suction system and a tank that collects dirty water.
  • The steam cleaner which, for its part, projects steam to loosen the dirt. The result will be better if you use an electric window cleaner afterwards.

Provided you know how to use them properly, electric window cleaners leave no traces and moreover, you don’t get tired anymore!

9. Cleaning dirty windows with ashes

To give your windows and panes a shine, wash them with ashes and a damp cloth. This is a cleaning tip that should remove all stubborn stains from your windows easily.

Of course you have to rinse and clean your windows again afterwards with another of our cleaning tips. Indeed the ash is a trick to dislodge stubborn stains only.

If you noticed a scratch on the glass here is an article that might help you: How to remove a scratch on a window?

10. Rubbing alcohol to wash very dirty windows

For all types of windows, you can roll up some newspaper into a swab, soak it in rubbing alcohol, and then rub the windows with rubbing alcohol.

Of course you can also use a simple cloth soaked in methylated spirit to wash and remove stains from glass.

Here’s how to clean greasy windows with a homemade cleaning paste:

  • 1/3 Spanish white
  • 1/3 water
  • 1/3 rubbing alcohol

Mix the ingredients well. Once the paste is dry, rub the glass with a towel or cloth. An excellent trick to thoroughly clean the windows of the car and the windows of the house.

This cleaning recipe based on Spanish white can also be useful for window surrounds. Come and read our other tips: How to clean the outline of a PVC window?

12. Tips for cleaning windows and windows

Whether it is for the windows of a house or other types of glass objects or furniture in the house, there are effective cleaning tips. Here are our tips to help you clean your windows properly:

  • Do not clean the window panes on very sunny days: If you clean your windows when it is sunny, the latter will dry out the cleaning products used too quickly and this will leave traces on your windows.
  • First remove the dust on the windows: Before cleaning a window, no matter which one, you must always start by removing the dust.
  • Wash the window frames first: If you wash your window panes, always start by cleaning the frames.
  • Clean the exterior windows before the interior windows: First wash your exterior windows using top-to-bottom and left-to-right movements. Then clean the interior panes of the windows, always from top to bottom and from left to right.

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