Conspiracy theorists claim an alien satellite was just shot down by the Illuminati

It’s time to relax. An alien satellite that has been watching the Earth for 13,000 years has just been shot down by the Illuminati according to conspiracy theorists. Posted on YouTube channel SecureTeam10, the images show us a white light moving slowly across the sky.

According to conspiracy theorists, the Black Knight satellite is a hypothetical artificial satellite that was placed 13,000 years ago by extraterrestrials in near-polar orbit around the Earth in order to monitor the humans. The history of the satellite goes back to 1954 when several newspapers reported the testimony of a retired military man and UFO hunter who allegedly claimed that the US Air Force had declared to have detected two satellites in Earth orbit while at the time, no one had the technology to launch such a satellite.

Others, however, claim that the story goes back even further and claim that the alien satellite was first discovered by Nikola Tesla who detected extraterrestrial signals from this spacecraft during radio experiments carried out in 1899. More recently, in 1998, an image taken during the STS-88 mission was associated with the « Dark Knight ». In reality, these images were taken in December 1998 during the first flight of the space shuttle Endeavor to the International Space Station. During a spacewalk, one of the astronauts released a thermal blanket that was to be affixed to part of the device. She’s the one you see in the photos.

The Dark Knight is back in the spotlight today, with conspiracy theorists claiming he was just shot down, sabotaged by a ‘secret Illuminati warplane’. Posted on the SecureTeam10 YouTube channel, the images show us a white light moving slowly across the sky and for conspiracy theorists, that glow is none other than the Black Knight Satellite.

Let’s play the game, then. According to our theorists, on these images you can therefore see a « secret Illuminati warplane » which fires a missile at the « satellite ». After being hit, the « satellite » begins to flash and then splits into two objects, one being a circular shape. The latter is actually an “alien escape” used to evacuate extraterrestrial spies, again according to SecureTeam10. « The order was given at the highest level of the Illuminati, » the site claims. Here is. And good day !


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