Cornstarch, 10 things to do

There’s so much to do with cornstarch

Cornstarch can be used in different ways in your daily life. Unfortunately, too few people know about its various uses and that’s a shame because a lot can be done with this starch.

To give you great ideas and recipes, here are 10 things to do with cornstarch.

1. Make powdered sugar with cornstarch

Add 1 scoop of cornstarch to 1 cup of granulated sugar. Put everything in a food processor and you will have powdered sugar.

2. Soften baby’s bottom

Your baby’s bottom is red and irritated? So pour a little cornstarch on his buttocks and they will be relieved afterwards.

3. Thicken a sauce with cornstarch

The sauce of the dish you are cooking is too liquid? Add a little cornstarch and it will be thicker afterwards.

4. Provide hair care

Mix cornstarch with a little lavender essential oil and massage into hair for gorgeous hair afterwards.

5. Draw on the sidewalk

Your children want to draw in the street, but don’t have chalk? Use a mixture of cornstarch, dye and water and they can draw in the street without polluting or degrading anything.

6. Cornstarch to soothe a sunburn

Take a bath by adding cornstarch to the water for great skin relief.

7. Concoct a soothing lotion

Mix hot water with a little baking soda and cornstarch. You will have a gentle body lotion.

8. Relax with cornstarch

Add cornstarch to your bath water and relax while your skin enjoys the benefits of cornstarch.

9. Concoct a bechamel sauce

Instead of using flour, use cornstarch instead. It will thus be less fatty as a recipe.

10. Powder yourself

Are you almost out of body powder? Add cornstarch to the remaining powder and you can powder yourself liberally. team, things to do with cornstarch

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