‘Cute’ is the only word that will come to mind when you see this mama raccoon and her babies

Raccoons have always been animals perceived as playful and endearing. Very intelligent, they are lively and make us laugh a lot. In this video, discover a mother raccoon and all her little family clumsily returning to their nest in the hollow of a tree.

Female raccoons always raise their litters alone, they shelter in the hollows of trees, in stumps, abandoned burrows or even in barns and sheds. It is a little shy species, so it is easy to observe them.

In this video taken by a man in Medford, Massachusetts, discover this mother raccoon accompanying her young to their nest. Nestled at the top of a tree, they follow her awkwardly in single file to the cavity. Very organized, she first climbs herself then guides each of her young, scolding them with little cries resembling the chirping of birds or gently catching them when they decide to go on an adventure rather than returning. in the hole. Fortunately, everyone arrives loudly and cheerfully safely.


Babies will stay with their mother until they are 4 months old, warm in their nest, protected, before becoming independent. This video perfectly illustrates the beauty of nature and allows us to discover a little piece of life of this species that we do not necessarily know much about.

Source: SciencesetAvenir

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