Decorating ideas for the dining room

How to properly decorate the table and the dining room?

Who doesn’t like having people over for dinner and having the most sublime of dining rooms? The dining room is where everyone comes together to chat and eat together around the table or the kitchen island.

It is therefore important to have a room that meets your tastes so that everyone feels good there. 10 Tips presents decorating ideas for the dining room and kitchen.

1. A functional and well-decorated dining room

No matter how you arrange your dining room, the first essential thing to think about is to arrange it functionally. Have enough space for all the guests in the room itself and especially around the dining table.

Also make it easy to go back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room. and fast

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2. Emphasize the dining table

The table represents the center of the dining room. This is the most important place because it brings everyone together. The table should be inviting and functional in the dining room.

You can add beautiful covers to your chairs for a little je ne sais quoi more as decoration. You can also create or buy a centerpiece that will match or complement the rest of your decor in the dining room and in the kitchen. Avoid putting too much on your table. An over-filled table becomes dizzying.

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3. Put a small office near the dining room

Without it being in the legs and interfering too much with the space provided for the dining table and the guests, it is always interesting to have either a small desk or a small sideboard nearby which will be used to store things. You can store placemats, your utensils for special occasions and napkins for example. You can also put a nice decoration on top of the sideboard to match the dining table for example.

4. Kitchen cabinet in harmony with the dining room

It is common to find the kitchen and the dining room in the same space. Rare are the dining rooms that are completely separated from the kitchen, especially for new constructions. So to decorate the dining room it is necessary to take into account the decoration and the furniture that are found in this other space.

If you plan to redecorate and even completely change the kitchen furniture, then we have the solution for you, custom kitchen cabinets. Some companies and kitchen designers therefore offer the design and installation of custom kitchen cabinets and counters, according to your real needs and your budget.

5. Have nice lighting in the dining room

It is always interesting to have lighting that is neither too strong nor too weak. Find the happy medium that will give a warm and cozy atmosphere, but strong enough for you to see what you are eating.

Depending on the style of the dining room, you can arrange the lighting according to the decoration with a more modern, more contemporary or even classic look.

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6. Lay a nice rug under the dining table

Of course, it’s a little less practical for stains, but it brings a very nice decorative effect to the dining room as well as to the table. A beautiful rug that is wider than the table and fits its shape will be perfect in the dining room. Choose colors that will go well with the rest, whether with the color of the floor, with the color of the walls, the light fixture, the centerpiece, etc.

7. Dress the window well

The window will be a beautiful source of natural light for the dining room. So why not decorate it so that it is in perfect harmony with the rest of the decor in the dining room? It would be nice to enlarge the room with voile curtains that will enlarge the window and let in enough natural light everywhere in the dining room.

8. Have a warm vibe

The candles will always bring a warm effect which is greatly appreciated! Candles on the table, on the desk or on the walls, it will always be a nice little extra for your dining room.

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9. Add plants or flowers in the dining room

Plants will bring oxygen and a soothing effect to your kitchen. Flowers will bring an element of romance and sweetness that will also do a lot of good for decorating your dining room.

Be careful not to overdo it either because plants can quickly take up a lot of space in a dining room, especially if the room is relatively small.

10. A mirror to enlarge the dining room

Putting a beautiful and large mirror on your wall, right in front of your table, will greatly enlarge your dining room. In addition, it will create a more chic and spacious effect. Opt for a mirror without too much trim as it may weigh down the walls in the dining room.

11. Hang a beautiful chandelier from the ceiling

Finally, why not opt ​​for a pretty chandelier to decorate the dining room? So many beautiful chandeliers exist to enhance the decoration of any room in the house. Hanging a beautiful chic or romantic chandelier above your table will make your dining room more exceptional!

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