Decoration of the wedding and ceremony aisle

How to properly decorate a wedding aisle?

There is so much to plan and organize for a dream wedding… Whether it’s the decoration, the choice of the wedding dress, the invitations, it’s important to get help.

10 Tips offers you 10 beautiful ideas for decorating the wedding aisle. You will really love our ideas!

1. Flower pots along the aisle

Very simple as a decoration idea, but so pretty along the wedding aisle. Of course, you can place the flowers of your choice in pots or small metal boilers as in the photo below.

Prefer simple flowers, but pretty at the same time and not too colorful so as not to draw too much attention to them during the ceremony. You can also go with this idea, both indoors and outdoors.

Pots with flowers to decorate the wedding aisle outside

2. Confetti and pom poms

What a great simplistic idea, but so original at the same time! Just drop confetti and pom poms in the colors of your choice to line the path and aisle of the ceremony for guests and bride and groom. Truly magnificent!

Decoration of the wedding aisle with confetti and pom poms

3. Logs to decorate the bridal aisle

Another simple and inexpensive idea to make to decorate the wedding aisle is to use logs.

Here is a photo that shows off this idea of ​​large logs with flower pots on top. You could also place small decorative candlesticks on the logs.

logs and flowers to decorate the bridal walkway

4. Small DIY project for the wedding aisle

Here is a small DIY project that you can easily do at home to decorate along the outdoor ceremony aisle.

They are small hearts cut out of wood and attached to small sticks. A simple and fun idea!

DIY wooden hearts on small sticks to decorate the wedding aisle

5. A rustic chic wedding aisle

If you like the rustic chic style you will certainly love this decorative idea to decorate your wedding aisle. The set with wildflowers, wrought iron rods and jute is just perfect!

You can also use the rustic chic style with dried or fresh cut flowers to make the front door decoration for the wedding.

rustic chic decor idea to decorate the ceremony aisle

6. Wrought iron stem and flowers…really pretty!

Much like the other idea above, the wrought iron rod and the small glass jar with the flowers gives a really superb look to the ceremony aisle. In all simplicity… How I like!

wrought iron rod with glass jar to decorate wedding aisle and front door

7. A pom-pom aisle… Gorgeous!

What a beautiful and colorful idea to have hundreds of multicolored pom poms on small sticks all along the wedding aisle. I love this idea and you?

Small pom poms along the wedding aisle

8. Rose petals…A classic!

The rose petals! Perfect for decorating your wedding aisle.

A classic when it comes to wedding decoration, but so pretty as a decorating idea, isn’t it!

A wedding aisle with thousands of rose petals

9. Recycling and marriage ?

Why not recycle and give a second life to things like steel rods (used in construction), soda bottles, rope and wildflowers…

Admit that the simplistic style of this outdoor ceremony aisle is simply magical. A big wow!

Recycle to decorate an outdoor ceremony aisle

10. A wedding front door ?

What a beautiful and original idea for the start of the wedding aisle. A real gateway to your wedding… Magnificent!

a front door for the wedding aisle

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