Deer flies, 10 tips against horseflies

What to do against deer flies?

Deer flies also known as horseflies, cowflies and board flies are very annoying during the hot season from June to September.

If you like to walk in the countryside, but the noise of its flies annoys you royally, know that there are natural repellents and tricks. 10 Tips therefore offers you 10 tips against deer flies and horseflies. Hope these tips work for you too!

1. Horsefly repellent for humans

If you want to quickly get rid of deer flies around your head, just use a mixture of vinegar and water that you spray on your clothes and caps for example. An excellent horsefly repellent 100% natural and ideal before going for a walk in the forest or simply before going to the countryside.

If you are looking for « ordinary » fly control tips instead, then these other tips will be more effective: Homemade outdoor fly repellent.

2. Birds, spiders and batrachians…

Did you know that batrachians, birds and spiders are great predators for deer flies? So why not try to attract frogs or even better beautiful birds to your land to put an end to it! Install bird feeders, set up a small pond for frogs, keep spiders alive, that’s a very simple idea to put an end to deer flies and strikes on board this summer.

3. Homemade recipe against deer flies

Are you interested in a homemade and natural recipe to ward off cow flies? Just mix 15 drops of tea tree essential oil, 15 drops of lavender essential oil, 15 drops of white thyme essential oil and finally 150 milliliters of water. Spray this mixture on your clothes to quickly repel and chase flies and stings away from you.

4. Wine vinegar repellent

Much like horsefly tip number 1, you can also mix wine vinegar with water. In fact, you should use ¼ of wine vinegar for one liter of water. This home remedy to keep deer flies away is effective for both humans and animals.

5. Do you like to go fishing?

Do you like to go fishing but the deer flies are merciless with you? Unfortunately there are not 1000 solutions to keep the strikes on board away from your head during a day of fishing. All you have to do is buy a mosquito net jacket and hat from a hunting and fishing store. Really very effective in discouraging horseflies.

Because no matter what remedy or trick you are going to try, if you spend a whole day in the forest you really have to opt for something very effective like the mosquito net hat.

6. Clove essential oil

And yes, just put a little clove essential oil on your clothes to finally succeed in keeping away the deer flies that fly around you during your walks in the forest.

7. Ultrasound and knock on board

Of course, just like regular flies, boardstrikes hate ultrasonic emitters. So why not install one or two devices near your terrace and garden this summer as a repellent?

8. Lavender as a horsefly repellent

To repel horseflies from your garden, simply plant a few lavender plants. Horseflies will be quickly repelled by your lavender plants in the garden. Lemongrass is another plant that acts as a natural repellent against on-board strikes but also other types of flying bugs such as mosquitoes for example.

9. Enjoy your terrace this summer

If you like to spend time on the outdoor patio in the summer without having to put up with deer flies and other unwanted flying insects, all you need to do is burn a few sticks of incense. Quick and easy to hunt flies and horseflies.

10. A little garlic as a natural repellent

And yes, if you want to ward off deer flies during your walks in the countryside, simply eat a little garlic or fresh onions a little before. This type of flies hate the smell of garlic and onions! Of course you may have bad breath for a few hours but it’s a risk worth taking. ? ? ?

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