Did you miss it? NASA filmed the exceptional transit of Mercury in front of the Sun

A few hours ago, Mercury passed in front of the Sun. A rare and exceptional phenomenon that should not be missed without any pretext, or almost. For enthusiasts and other curious people who haven’t had the chance to observe this exceptional transit, don’t panic. We offer you a little catch-up session, on video.

Monday, May 9, from 1:12 p.m. French time to 8:42 p.m. (variable depending on the location), those who were equipped with astronomical observation instruments were able to witness an exceptional spectacle by following the path of Mercury, the smallest planet in our Solar System. , which then appeared as a kind of small black ball moving in front of the Sun. If you missed this phenomenon which only occurs 13 to 14 times every 100 years, rest assured, NASA has immortalized the event. Otherwise, see you in November 2019, November 2032 and May 2049, for pus patients.

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