Direct: In a few minutes, Thomas Pesquet will speak from the ISS, at 28,000 km/h!

A few days after his highly publicized departure from the mainland to join the International Space Station (ISS), French astronaut Thomas Pesquet is preparing to give a press conference live from the Station.

Less than four days after his arrival in orbit around the Earth, aboard the International Space Station, the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet will give, this Wednesday, November 23 from 3 p.m., French time, a press conference live from the ISS, which orbits at 28,000 km/h at an altitude of around 400 km.

Member of the Proxima mission with his colleagues, the American Peggy Whitson and the Russian Oleg Novitski, the young French astronaut arrived on the night of Saturday November 19 to Sunday November 20, 2016 on board the ISS, warmly welcomed by the three residents . The Proxima mission should last a total of approximately six months, 186 days exactly. During these six months, Thomas Pesquet must carry out on board the ISS no less than 62 experiments on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Center for Space Studies (Cnes).

 » The ISS is awesome, even better than in my dreams! I wish everyone had the chance to go into space! “had tweeted the 38-year-old astronaut, the first Frenchman to go into space since 2008, and tenth Frenchman in total, a few moments after his arrival on board the ISS.

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