Disguise for couple: 10 ideas for Halloween

How to dress up on Halloween for a couple?

You are a couple and want to match your disguise for your Halloween party this year? There are tons of possibilities when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

10 Tips presents 10 costume ideas for couples to DIY at home. Happy Halloween!

Here is an original costume idea for a couple, dress up as the characters of the popular 80s movie ET the Extra-Terrestrial.

costume for couple character from the movie ET

2. New York… New York ?

Admit that it’s very original as a disguise idea for a couple on the occasion of the Halloween party. Original and really not complicated to tinker as a Halloween costume. Statue of Liberty and a tourist ?

disguise for couple of statue of liberty and tourist

3. Watch out for a violent storm for Halloween

How do you come up with this couple Halloween costume idea? Please note that the storm is likely to be very strong on this evening of October 31.

Costume for couple storm and lightning

4. The hunter and his prey

Simple but perfect for dressing up on Halloween if you are a couple! The hunter and his prey.

costume for couple, the hunter and his deer

5. Disguise for couple: Marge and Homer

A classic but still so popular today that the characters of Marge and Homer remain an excellent costume idea for a couple.

dress up as Marge and Homer for Halloween

6. Dressing up as Ted…Like the movie!

Another must-have costume, especially with the launch of the second Ted 2 movie. Ted and Tamy Lynn, the perfect costume for a couple on Halloween.

7. Little Red Riding Hood, perfect for Halloween

Why not dress up as a classic from your childhood… Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf ?

little red riding hood and the big bad wolf, costume for couple

8. The delivery man and the slice of pizza ?

Another good idea for a couple’s Halloween costume, the delivery boy and the slice of pizza.

delivery man and slice of pizza, Halloween costume

9. Dressing up as… Google Maps! ?

Original as a disguise idea, no? In addition it is very simple and quick to create as a last minute Halloween costume.

dress up as Google Maps on Halloween

10. Halloween costume for the little family ?

Finally, we offer you this costume idea for the couple but also for babies ? The little Ratatouille family!

disguise, ratatouille for Halloween

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