DIY cork boat

How to make a boat with corks?

Are you looking for a nice DIY idea to do with your child at home? If you have a few corks at home, why not turn them into a small boat sailing on the water? ?

I found this DIY idea on the blog of Mama Daddy Bubbaa blog where countless activities are offered to children.

To make this craft you will need materials that are easy to find at home. Here’s what you need:

  • 3 or 4 corks
  • 2 large rubber bands
  • 1 small wooden stick for the mast of the boat
  • 1 cardboard or rather a thick waterproof felt for the sails

2. Here is an image of the steps to build a boat:

See some of the important steps (in pictures) to make your first cork boat.

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3. More Floating Boat Ideas

If you lack the imagination to build and decorate your finished boat, here are some other ideas and photos I found online for inspiration. Happy DIY!

4. Other DIY Cork Stopper Ideas

If you really have a lot of corks at home then why not tinker and make other fun and even decorative things with these corks?

Below you will find other really cool ideas to do with children such as:

  • a sticky note or bulletin board with cork stopper
  • a snake with pieces of corks
  • a cute little birdhouse
  • support for iPhone and smartphone

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