DIY idea with cardboard

What to do with a big cardboard box? Why recycle your cardboard boxes when it is possible to transform them and do all kinds of fun crafts.
I offer you several DIY ideas that are easy to do with cardboard and with your children. Happy DIY!

1. Make a small cardboard house

A first DIY idea to do with a large box is a small cardboard house. This cardboard DIY is a great idea from blog: Sheknows.

Here are several photos of this cardboard house:

All the creative steps here:

2. Make a cardboard maze for kids

This DIY idea requires lots and lots of cardboard boxes but one thing is for sure, your kids will love it! ?

Here are some ideas for mazes to make with dozens of cardboard boxes:

Here is a tutorial video of an easy-to-make cardboard maze:

3. Make a cardboard airplane

The next DIY idea with cardboard requires a bit of manual skill, patience and ingenuity. ?

Here are ideas for making an airplane out of cardboard. This idea can even be transformed into a disguise for Halloween, why not!

4. A cardboard elevator to go back in time

Another fun idea to do with your child, make an elevator out of cardboard! Your child can have fun going up and down or traveling through time. ?

You can also ask your child to enter and hurry to change the decor once you arrive at your destination, on the top floor.

Build an elevator out of cardboard boxes

Steps for this DIY here:

5. Make a cardboard rocket

Being a miniature rocket enthusiast in my young age, I must admit that this DIY idea with cardboard is my favorite!

Here are some ideas for making your own rocket out of cardboard boxes. Your kids will LOVE it!

6. A cardboard castle

To continue with the theme of mazes, houses and knights, why not use your cardboard boxes to make a castle?!

Here are several photos and ideas for building a cardboard castle or fortress with your children. Give free rein to your imagination to build the most beautiful of castles!

7. Make a cardboard golf game for children

I indicated for children in the title of this trick but in reality young and old will have fun with this cardboard golf game!

Simple, quick and free to make, here’s how to turn your cardboard box into a mini-golf game.

8. Make a Cardboard Slide

This next DIY idea to do with a large cardboard box must be done with care and supervision to avoid mishaps.

Here is how to turn your stairs into a slide:

Make a slip with cardboard

But did you know there was a gadget to turn the stairs into a safe slide? Here’s what it looks like:

Turn a stairway into a slide

9. Make a Cardboard Garage for Toy Cars

If your child likes to play with toy cars a lot, then this next DIY idea might please them a lot!

Here are ideas and photos of garages and parking lots for small cars to build with cardboard boxes.

Here is a video that shows all the steps to build a 3-storey parking lot! ?

10. A coloring box

Now to finish I leave you with the simplest and easiest DIY idea to do with a cardboard box: The coloring box!

Cardboard box for coloring and painting

For all these ideas and a ton of other DIY ideas to make with cardboard visit this special board on our Pinterest: Cardboard box and DIY idea.

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