DIY idea with logs and logs

What to do with wood logs?

Do you have some nice big logs on your land and don’t know what to do with them to bring them back to life? Why not make some small DIY projects with your logs?

10 Tips offers you 10 DIY ideas for recycling logs and logs. Happy DIY!

The ideas with wooden logs:

1. A side table with a large log ?

Just take a walk on Pinterest or Instagram to discover a multitude of different models of side tables made with wooden logs. Here are two ideas for tables to make with your large logs in the field.

diy side table with a log of wood
white side table with tree logs

2. A holder for kitchen utensils

Here is a very original idea to place wooden utensils on the kitchen counter. Not very difficult to make as a kitchen gadget.

Wooden rack for kitchen utensils

3. Turn a log into a wine rack

Here’s another DIY idea that involves turning a large log or even a tree trunk into a wine rack.

Make a wine rack with a tree trunk

4. 100% natural flower pots ?

Here is an original idea which consists in using logs to plant plants and flowers there. Perfect for your landscaping this summer.

make flower pots with logs

Here is another style of flower pot made from a very large log:

flower pot with a large log

5. WOW, what a great gift idea!

If you have a lot of talent and tools ? here is a great DIY idea to give a bottle of wine as a gift. All simply magnificent!

bottle of wine in a log wow

6. A lounge chair with logs

Here is a very original lounge chair to make with logs. Perfect for the terrace this summer and to relax with a good book and why not with a good glass of wine!

make a lounge chair out of logs

7. Storage for your office supplies

Turn a simple log of wood into storage for pencils, phone and other office supplies and accessories.

storage for office supplies and accessories

8. A bench and seat with a large log

Another idea is to use a large log to make a bench with padded seat.

bench with padded seat with a large log of wood

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