DIY ideas with tin cans

What to do with tin cans?

Do you throw several cans in the trash or recycling every week? Why throw them away when it is possible to make beautiful crafts?

10 Tips offers you today to discover DIY ideas to do with tin cans.

Candlestick with a tin can

Here is a DIY idea to recycle your tin cans at home, pretty candlesticks. You can create the patterns you want on your canning canes of course.

candlestick with a tin can

If you want to make a pretty lantern, this other trick will please you: Make a lantern with a tin can.

A rack for utensils in the kitchen

Another DIY idea to use your cans, a utensil holder. For a buffet, a wedding reception or other, this utensil holder idea is really superb.

make a utensil holder with tin cans

Wine rack with cans

Whether for the home or for an event, such as a wedding, here is an idea for tinkering with your cans… A wine rack!

make a rack with tin cans

A make-up holder to make

For young women, here is a make-up holder to make with tin cans. Admit that the final look of your makeup stand is really superb.

Make-up holder with tin cans

Decorate tin cans

What a great idea for tidying up the office corner at home or in the office. You simply have to cover your cans with a fabric or woolen fabric of your choice.

decorate tin cans with yarn

Make an original chime

Another idea to recover your tin cans, make a chime for the garden. Let your creativity run free to make the most beautiful and original outdoor chime.

Make a garden chime

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