DIY school supplies

How to make your own school supplies for back to school?

Do you want to give a little color and madness to the start of the school year this year? Why not transform and revamp your school supplies and other school accessories?

Here are several DIY ideas and photos for making your own school supplies. Happy DIY!

1. DIY back-to-school calendar

A first DIY idea to create your own calendar for back to school or even for work. An original idea proposed by the Say Yes blog, a blog to visit for a ton of beautiful DIY ideas.

diy calendar for back to school


2. A custom pencil case ?

If you have a nice fabric at home and some sewing skills why not make a personalized pencil case for your child? Here is a DIY idea taken from the See Kate Sew blog.

DIY pencil box and school supplies

You will find on the See Kate Sew blog all the steps and dimensions to make this pretty kit for your child’s back to school.


3. Decorate pencils for back to school

So easy as a DIY idea for your child’s school supplies. Just choose an acrylic type and multi-surface paint to paint your pencils for school.

paint lead pencils for school


4. A case to carry your coloring pencils

Here is another DIY idea for your child’s school supplies, a cardboard case for coloring pencils. A roll of cardboard, some fabric and a zipper is all you need to DIY this pencil box.

cardboard box for school pencils


5. Recycle cereal boxes

Turn cereal boxes into great storage for all your homeschool stuff. Perfect for your daughter’s homework corner, for example.

diy filing for school stuff with a cereal box

6. School Notebook Makeover

Here is a very simple idea to revamp the cover of your school notebook. Perfect for your back to school supplies. Do you like the idea?

school notebook makeover

7. Storage for your school stuff

Here’s a DIY project to store all your school stuff on the work desk at home. Simply decorate and paint tin cans. The final look is really nice for the duty corner.

Storage with tin cans for school stuff



Ideal for work, for home or for school in the locker, a TO DO LIST erasable board. Not too difficult to tinker with and the end result is really pretty.

DIY erasable board to do list for school


9. To store your school work

Here is a DIY idea to store and organize your school work and other important sheets and documents. Will you try to DIY this briefcase?

diy briefcase for school work


10. Ribbon to decorate your school supplies

To decorate and give a unique look to your school supplies for back to school, just use and stick decorative self-adhesive tape. You like?

decorative ribbon to decorate school supplies


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