Do more with less!

How to do more with much less?

Do you find that everything is expensive, and you often live from pay to pay on a very tight budget? Are you also living beyond your means? However, there are ways to do more with as little money as possible.

Manage well, reduce, save, dose, replace… These are interesting solutions when you cannot increase your income. Not sure how to do more with less? Here are our tips and tricks for doing more with less money.

Tips for doing more with less:

1. Cook larger quantities

Instead of making lots of small meals that require a variety of foods and ingredients, instead make cauldrons of food that will last a long time and require less food.

For example, a large shepherd’s pie will only require 3 main ingredients, and you can divide it into several servings to freeze for later.

Set aside a day off to buy the ingredients needed for your recipes, and cook your meals for the week.

To save even more, take the time to read and compare flyers from local grocery stores. You will find really interesting discounts!

2. Have only one television

Bring the whole family together in front of one and the same television to reduce energy and financial expenses. You will thus create beautiful family moments in the same room. Doing more with less is also that!

Of course, you can also have only one computer, only one electronic tablet, only one video game console, only one smartphone, etc. A great way to save big!

3. Have two bank accounts

The first bank account will be used for current expenses while the other account will be used for savings. If you live in Quebec, it is worth having a TFSA account, a tax-free savings account.

Indeed, the interest rate of a TFSA is not very high compared to the rates that an RRSP can offer, but since it is tax-free, you will not be penalized when you need to withdraw the funds therein.

Make a habit of putting some money into it each week. Thus, without the slightest effort, the savings will accumulate over the months!

4. Buy only the essentials to do more with less

Knowing how to do more with less also means having to make sacrifices. Think only of your needs and always buy only the essentials.

So before buying on a whim, give yourself a 24 hour cooling off period. If at the end of this period of time your need proves to be real, buy. Otherwise, save your pennies and buy this item when you can really afford it.

5. Shop at the end of the season

The bargains are always more interesting at the end of the season! This is the best time to shop for your clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. Watch the flyers, and compare prices between the various stores before making your purchases.

Another tip to do more with less, turn to second-hand stores. It’s crazy what you can find there for next to nothing!

6. Reuse bags to do more with less

Instead of constantly buying lunch bags or plastic wrap, you can simply reuse your empty bread bags, milk bags and plastic grocery bags!

Even better, get multipurpose bags. You will buy them once, and can use them for many months. You can make them yourself at home, you will find different ways to make them on the internet.

In addition to allowing you to do more with less, reusing bags is better for the environment.

7. Lengthen cleansing products

Fabric softeners, detergents, shampoos and the like could be diluted somewhat for greater savings.

Or, go to shops that sell this kind of household products in bulk and/or in large quantities. It is often less expensive to buy this way, and we have a lot longer.

8. Do more with less by properly insulating your home!

To avoid spending a fortune on heating and electricity costs, why not insulate the doors and windows better once and for all? Also, you can get into the habit of lowering the thermostats a degree or two during the day, and 5 degrees at night.

In winter, wear good socks and a jacket, in addition to leaving good warm blankets lying around in the living room and in the bedroom. Do more have less, that’s exactly it!

9. Buy a low-flow showerhead

Hot water is expensive, especially when you are used to taking long showers. If you’re not ready to cut down on your time in the shower, at least get a low-flow showerhead! Thus, you will save water and see your electricity bill go down.

Another way to save money is to have leaky faucets repaired or replaced. It’s a gesture that will leave more money in your pocket, while being more ecological.

10. Use energy efficient light bulbs

Electricity bills are often very expensive, but there are various ways to lower them. You could replace, among other things, the bulbs in your house with energy-efficient bulbs. Thus, you will save a little more on electricity.

Also, avoid leaving electrical appliances on unnecessarily in the house, turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, and use candles occasionally.

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