Do you know these 12 body parts that are of no use to us?

Our body is a formidable machine and at this precise moment, thousands of processes are at work to keep us alert and alive. But certain parts of the body which at one time in history had a use for our ancestors are no longer of any use to us today. If there is still debate for some, they are in any case twelve in number.

Wisdom teeth : These teeth generally appear between the ages of 17 and 25, but a large part of the population is forced to have them removed because there is simply no more room for these teeth in the mouth. Our ancestors needed it for chewing certain foods.

The auricular muscles : These three muscles are located around the auricle. In dogs and rabbits for example, these muscles find a use since these animals move their ears. Humans don’t really see the point of it, but they certainly have the muscles for it.

Tonsils : The tonsils (or tonsils) are part of the lymphatic system, important for the immune system and the defense against germs. A role so weakened that they no longer serve any purpose today. Many people have them removed every year and it has no effect on health.

appendix : This growth attached to the large intestine is still an organ that many people have removed. But if it was long believed that it was useless, some argue today that it would be useful to fight against certain bacteria linked to severe indigestion or diarrhea.

Darwin’s tuber : This is a small cartilaginous fold located at the edge of the ear of about 10% of people. If there is confusion about its origin, for some, it could have been used by our ancestors to rotate the ears or close them on themselves.

Male nipples : If the function of the nipples is obvious in women, it is not the same in men. Their presence is explained by the fact that all fetuses begin to develop in the same way following a female pattern.

The semi-lunar fold : This is the small pink fold located in the inner corners of the eye. They have no use in our vision.

The coccyx : Located at the bottom of our spine, this weld of four vertebrae with a triangular shape would have been used for the balance of our ancestors at a time when they had a tail shape.

The sinuses : There is a lot of confusion regarding why we still have sinuses, as they are only good for filling up with mucus, causing headaches and harboring infections. However, there is debate, because some scientists argue that they are used to warm and moisten the inhaled air, that they are decisive in the shape of our skull or in the resonance of the voice.

Hairs : Our ancestors needed body hair to protect themselves and keep warm, whereas now “ we spend our time trying to get rid of it writes The Independent.

The gallbladder : This organ located just under the liver causes many problems by causing cancer, inflammation or gallstones. In exchange, it is still used to store bile for its restitution during digestion.

The arrector muscle of the hair : This is a group of muscle fibers located at the base of each hair. In the past, it was used to erect the hair to appear bulkier and taller in front of predators. But today…

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