Earn gifts online! Yes, I want it!

How to win gifts online?

Do you want to win gifts? Of course I want to win prizes, like most people don’t! But do you know the secrets, tips and sites where you can play and participate in contests to win gifts?

10-Trucs therefore presents the best tips and sites where to win free gifts online, on the Internet. Good luck!

1. Contest: contests to win prizes

The first site I want to offer you for France is the Jeu-Concours.biz site. This portal is one of the most popular for visitors to France and for good reason, it offers a multitude of contests and games to win prizes on the Internet.

What’s great about this site is that it’s constantly being updated! Dozens of new contests to win prizes are added every day.

Another advantage of this site is the search by type of gifts and prices:

  • trips and stays
  • game consoles
  • fashion clothes and accessories
  • bike, scooter, car
  • techno and high-tech, etc.

Visit the site: game-contest.biz for a chance to win your first gifts on the Internet!

2. Concours-en-ligne: the benchmark in Quebec for winning prizes

Another site to win a ton of gifts, but this time for Quebec and Canada is Concours-en-ligne.ca. This portal lists the best contests of the day for you to have the chance to easily win lots of great gifts online.

Subscribe to their newsletter to receive the list of new contests and gifts to be won every day!

Visit the site Contest-online.ca to find a list of all new giveaways all over the internet.

3. SamplesClub: contests and prizes to be won

Another portal to put in your favorites is that of SamplesClub.com. This site is intended for visitors from France and offers a huge range of contests to win gifts.

This portal offers you a ton of free stuff including:

  • free samples
  • product testing
  • contest games
  • good plans
  • sales and reductions

Visit the site: sampleclub.com to quickly find the best contests and samples online.

4. Receive samples as gifts

There are many sites where you can order and receive free samples as gifts. Mesechantillonsgratuits.fr is one of those sites to visit to receive a ton of free samples and products.

Here is an overview of the different product samples available:

  • beauty products and perfumes
  • baby products
  • hygiene products
  • books
  • animal products
  • food and restaurants

Visit the site: Mesefreesamples.co.uk to find all the product samples available online.

10-Trucs.com also offers you this other article: 10 tips for getting free samples.

5. Become a product tester

A last trick to have gifts or rather to have free products and to become a product tester! The Testerdesproduits.fr site allows you to register and then test all kinds of products.

In addition to the products to be tested, you will occasionally receive cash rewards, gift certificates, samples and gifts.

Visit the site: Testerdesproduits.fr to complete your registration and test your first products at home.

6. Test and receive beauty products as gifts

If you buy a lot of beauty products and treatments then the Beaute-test.com site is a site to visit! This site allows you to register and receive beauty products in samples or to test at home.

You will find beauty products such as:

  • cleansing milks
  • facial treatments
  • anti-aging face masks
  • night creams
  • hair masks, etc.

Visit the site: Beauty-test.com to register and receive your first beauty products to test.

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