Easy to make musical instrument

Pretty little musical instruments for the little ones.

Are you looking for a DIY and creative activity to do with your children? Here are several ideas for making your own little musical instruments.

A mini banjo with rubber bands, a guitar with a cardboard box, drums with tin cans… Here are lots of easy DIY ideas to make at home.

Make a mini banjo

Ok, the sound is not that of a real banjo but your child will love making this little banjo. In addition to being pretty, you can really play with it. A metal lid, rubber bands, a piece of wood, that’s all you need to make your own banjo.

make a small banjo for children

*source: thecrafttrain.com

Make a harmonica with your child

Another musical instrument to make is the harmonica. This is a very basic harmonica, but your child will love playing his musical instrument. Cardboard, wooden sticks and rubber bands, that’s all it takes to make a children’s harmonica.

make a harmonica

*source: messforless.net

Make a drum

It couldn’t be simpler as a musical instrument for children. To make a small drum you will need an empty tin can, a balloon and a rubber band.

make a drum

*source: Disney

Make a guitar

WOW, look at the photo, it looks like a real kid’s guitar! Thanks to the excellent Make it & Love it site which offers us this DIY idea to make a beautiful cardboard guitar for children. Find all the steps to create your cardboard guitar on this site.

DIY, make a cardboard guitar

*source: makeit-loveit.com

A guitar with a cardboard box

Here is another way to make a guitar for children. A simple cardboard box and tight strings are needed to make this guitar.

Guitar with a cardboard box

*source: minieco

Make castanets

Another very simple idea as a musical instrument for children, castanets. Cardboard and bottle caps to make your pretty castanets.

make castanets

*source: education.com

A musical cardboard tube

Another very simple idea to make a musical instrument, a cardboard tube with bells, quite simply.

cardboard tube with bell

*source: minieco

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