Effective bat repellent

How to hunt bats?

Did you know that bats are a protected species?

Depending on where you live, bats may invade your territory at night. If this is your case and it becomes a major problem, rest assured, some solutions and repellents exist. As it is forbidden to get rid of wandering bats that hang around your house, Here are 10 anti-bat tips for you before it’s too late and they take over your house or yard.

1. Flashing Bat Light

Simply install a flashing light where bats might hang out at night. This will drive them away quickly! A simple, inexpensive trick that works really well! Because don’t forget, if the bats have already settled in your roof, for example, you cannot intentionally disturb them and even less move them.

2. Ultra sound device

These devices will make sounds that bats and other unwanted species will not appreciate! So this is another good trick to keep bats away.

3. Sulfur Wicks Against Mouse Heaters

For 3 consecutive days, light the sulfur wicks in different places. As the air will become difficult to breathe, bats will not settle near your house.

4. Light large incense sticks

Light any large incense stick where you think you might see bats appear and the smoke and smell will drive them away from your home and yard. Again, remember, it is against the law to disturb bats.

5. Contact the local animal protection association

They will be able to guide you in order to keep bats away efficiently and above all without violating the regulations in place. This is a great trick to keep bats away from the house.

6. Install good mosquito nets on the windows

This is not something that will scare away bats, but nevertheless you will be better protected against possible intrusions, especially if there are a lot of bats in your area!

7. Close the cracks in your house

Again, to protect yourself, seal the cracks in your house well because they only need 2 cm to enter your home! Check your exterior walls and roof carefully to prevent bats from entering your home and attic.

8. Have an alley cat

Alley cats are good hunters of mice but also of bats! They may keep those unwanted critters away from around your house.

9. Hire a professional

In stores, you can find quality repellents specially designed for bats. You can also call on a professional in your area who can effectively dislodge bats from your home.

10. Install bat houses

If bats don’t really cause you a problem, why not relocate them to your property by installing roosts specially designed for bats?

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