Eggshells, 10 things to do!

Don’t throw away your eggshells!

When we cook, for example, boiled eggs, we automatically have the reflex to throw the eggshells in the trash.

It’s normal of course, but it’s good to know that several things can be done with these scales. And yes! To learn more, here are 10 tips for using eggshells.

1. A homemade mask with eggshells

Take egg scales and crush them into small crumbs. You should ideally have a powdery consistency. Add egg white to the scales and apply the mixture directly to your face. Wait for it to dry and then you can rinse off. For younger looking skin, this will be perfect!

2. An abrasive cleaner with scales

For example, when you need to scrub a stuck-on texture, you can grind eggshells and mix them with a little soap and water. Scrub your surface and you will have good cleaning results.

3. Fertilizer for your plants

Eggshells are an excellent fertilizer for your plants thanks to all their nutrients!

If you want to learn a little more about fertilizer and eggshell fertilizer it’s here: Make a fertilizer with shells.

4. Skin brightener

For several days, put an eggshell in cider vinegar. Then, you will only have to gently pass this shell on the places of your skin to lighten (for example on the brown spots).

5. For planting seedlings

Take halves of washed eggshells and make a small hole in the middle. Fill these shell halves with potting soil and seeds and voila! When the time comes, you can transfer them directly to the ground.

6. Slug protection

Crush eggshells and scatter them around the garden. Excellent for eliminating slugs from your garden!

7. Make coffee lighter

You don’t like overly strong coffees? So grind eggshells and add them to your ground coffee. A little trick that very few people know!

8. Serve it to the dog

Place eggshells in the oven for ½ hour at 250F. Crush the shells into a powder and mix the mixture into your dog’s food. Your dog will get more calcium in his diet.

9. In the compost

Eggshells will be a good addition to your compost. Ideal then for your plants and flowers.

10. Easter decorations

Don’t forget all the creativity you can create from eggshells! Paint them for Easter and have fun!

Did you know that eggshells once dried and crushed can be useful against slugs? Come read this other article: Slug repellent eggshell.

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