Fear of snakes, all about this phobia

Do you have a real fear of snakes?

Being afraid of snakes is a phobia that is far from fun. Although it is rare to be surrounded by snakes, the simple fact of dreaming or imagining them can cause strong painful stress.

So here are 10 tips and advice that will help you manage and control this snake phobia!

1. Understand where his fear of snakes comes from

Psychologists all agree that to overcome a deep fear that lives in us permanently, we must understand where it comes from. ask yourself why you are afraid of snakes. Write down on a piece of paper the elements or memories that make you so afraid of snakes. By finding the cause, it will be easier to work on the total or partial cure.

2. Tame snakes through reading

For overcome your fear of snakes, you need to understand who they are and how they live. Take an interest and learn about them. Start by taming them from a distance first. Read books on the subject. So you’ll only see them in picture, which is a good gradual start.

3. Taming snakes through documentaries

To continue your learning, continue it now by watching documentaries and videos about snakes. Thus, you will continue to learn about them while becoming familiar with their world and you will see them in action. It will be more real, but not too much.

4. Tame snakes in person

Once you understand their world and their way of life, you can, if you feel able, approach a snake to observe it. Of course, the goal is not necessarily to touch or to be too close, but you can observe them from a distance and just appreciate their way of being. Try to find nice sides to snakes.

5. Watch animated movies with snakes

Animated movies bring so much levity to things. All animals, insects, reptiles, monsters and witches have their funny and even more friendly and docile sides in animated movies. It’s a great way to laugh and relax while watching a friendly, colorful snake go through all sorts of fun adventures.

6. See a psychologist for snake phobia

If your fear is too extreme and you even have nightmares about it at night, you may need to seek therapy to help you deal with your fear better. Many therapies exist to do this.

7. Chat with a snake enthusiast

If you know someone who is totally passionate and in love with snakes, have a good chat with them. This person will be able to share with you all the enthusiasm they feel for snakes and thus show you all the good sides of them. This person may be able to make you see snakes differently thanks to his ultimate interest in snakes.

8. Buy plastic snakes (toys)

It may sound weird, but surrounding yourself with young and old plastic snakes might help you familiarize yourself with them. Buy some and occasionally spread a few around to get used to their presence.

9. Play Snakes and Ladders

Why not? Many snakes are on the game board! You will have fun and laugh without however worrying about the snakes being there, even if it is only drawings.

10. Draw snakes

Have fun drawing all kinds of snakes of different colors and sizes. This is another way to get to know them gently and who knows, maybe even eliminate that phobia of snakes.

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