Fighting snails: how to do?

How to fight snails?

Snails are pretty little snails that unfortunately eat plants and vegetables in the garden.

If you have a problem with snails invading your garden, there are several ways to stop them. 10 Tips offers you 10 tips to fight against snails.

Tips and repellents against snails:

1. Salt against snails

Pour salt on the soil of your garden and even on the snails to scare them away and quickly. You can scatter it wherever the snails roam to quickly scare them away.

2. A little beer

Did you know snails hate the smell of beer? So simply pour a little beer near your plants to scare away the snails. Very effective in putting an end to snails swirling around your fruits and vegetables in the garden.

3. Coffee grounds and snails

Coffee grounds are very often used for the tips and tricks presented on To get rid of snails quickly, just pour a little coffee grounds near your shrubs, plants, flowers and vegetable plants.

4. Eggshells to kill snails

Place eggshells in the garden and the snails will quickly leave from this place. Of course, if you don’t want to kill the snails, it’s better to choose another way to safely keep them out of your garden.

5. Garlic and onions

Place garlic and onions all over your garden and the smells will keep snails away. In addition to being effective against snails, garlic or onions are also very effective against many other unwanted insects and critters in the garden.

6. Snail traps

Place citrus fruits on a small wooden board and the snails will be attracted to the smell of citrus fruits. This will make it easier for you to capture them. A very effective trick to fight snails in the garden or on the terrace.

7. Sand as snail repellent

Make strips of sand around the places in your garden that you want to protect and this will create a barrier that will prevent snails from passing and therefore eating your leafy vegetables.

You can also use sand to make a slug barrier. Ideal for protecting young salad and vegetable shoots against these insects.

8. Potatoes

Cut potato slices and line them on a long wooden board. The snails will follow the board and therefore leave your garden.

9. Fennel against snails

Plant a little fennel in your garden and the snails will flee this smell. An excellent natural trick to fight against snails without killing them. You can also plant herbs to repel snails and slugs even more effectively.

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