First drone flight over Uluru, Australia’s sacred mountain

It is one of the emblems of Australia. Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is a sacred mountain for Australian Aboriginal groups, and for the first time, they have authorized a drone flight over the monolith, to offer us exceptional and unprecedented images.

Rising 348 meters above the Australian plain and 3.6 kilometers long, Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This sandstone monolith over 600 million years old is not just a monolith, since it has great spiritual value for the Anangu, the aborigines of central and western Australia, guardians and traditional protectors of the site.

For the first time, this aboriginal nation has authorized an overflight of Uluru by a drone, thus offering us the possibility of discovering exceptional and unpublished images, posted online on August 29th. You can admire the sandstone monolith from several angles and observe the rocky and plant details, the curves, which is usually not possible since the mount is only accessible by a strictly marked path.

This authorization given by the aborigines is exceptional since, since the 1940s, Uluru has become a tourist destination which attracts some 400,000 tourists each year, who lend themselves to climbing the sacred monolith, provoking reactions and annoyances among the aborigines who believe that the entities at the origin of the creation of the world took refuge under the great rock formations like Uluru.

 » We are delighted to present this exclusive new perspective on one of the most stunning landscapes on earth, and we thank the Aboriginal people for their support.“said Andrew Williams, CEO of Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, which was granted overflight clearance by the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Management Office, which strives to respect Aboriginal values, including through communications. prohibiting the climbing of the Mount to tourists. Check out these exceptional images in the video below.

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