Fishy smell in the house… How to remove it?

How to remove the smell of fish in the house?

Eating fish is good for your health. Unfortunately the fish often leaves an odor which can be frankly unpleasant in the house. Moreover, this smell is capable of persisting for several days and reaching all the rooms of the house, not just the kitchen.

To avoid this, 10 Tips offers you some good tips and tricks to remove the smell of fish in the house!

The tips and tricks to remove the smell of fish:

1. Remove fishy smell with boiled vinegar

A first natural trick to eliminate the smell of fish in the house is to use vinegar. Here’s how:

  • Mix an equal part of water and vinegar in a saucepan.
  • Bring the water and vinegar mixture to a boil.

This boiled vinegar smell will camouflage the smell of fish in the kitchen and all over the house.

2. Add fresh ginger while cooking the fish

Rather than having to make the smell disappear once the fish is cooked, why not control it directly during this famous cooking?

So while you cook your fish in the oven or in the pan, add a piece of fresh ginger to the oil. Thanks to this trick of fresh ginger there will be no bad smell of fish that will spread everywhere in the house or almost not.

Personally I prefer the smell of ginger to a strong smell of fish all over the house. And you?

3. Essential oils against fish odors

By using essential oils in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house while cooking the fish, the smells will be much more pleasant afterwards.

Prefer essential oils to citrus fruits which make it possible to eliminate or rather camouflage more effectively the smell of fish but also the smell of frying.

Be careful not to exaggerate because the essential oil diffused in too large quantities can quickly become disturbing for the occupants.

To control the diffusion of essential oils in the air, it is better to have a real diffuser. 10-Trucs offers you one of the most popular essential oil diffuser right here:

4. Burn Armenian paper

A product that our grandmothers used to give a sweet scent in the house is Armenia paper.

Indeed this product when it burns gives off a good and sweet smell which can therefore be useful to camouflage the bad smell of fish in the house.

You can buy this type of paper in some organic product shops as well as in some pharmacies. You can also buy armenia paper directly online right here:

Paper from Armenia

Paper from Armenia

  • 12 sheets of 3 strips to burn
  • Perfect for cleaning up the house
  • Delicate smell

This trick is also effective against the smell of frying and cooking. For other tips and tricks it’s here: Remove the smell of frying in the house.

5. Lemons to eradicate the fishy smell in the kitchen!

If you plan to make a fish recipe with baking, don’t forget to buy a lemon or two before you start!

Indeed lemon is a powerful food that will neutralize and eliminate this bad smell of fish. So once the cooking of the fish is finished:

  • Cut a lemon in half and place the pieces in an aluminum plate.
  • Place the plate with the lemon on the rack directly in the center of the oven.
  • Heat the oven for 5 minutes with the door closed.

The smell of fish that was ingrained in the oven is now a thing of the past thanks to the lemon!

6. Cloves and orange

Another grandma’s recipe for effectively removing the smell of fish in a house is using cloves and an orange! Here’s how to succeed with this anti-odor trick:

  • Cut an orange and squeeze the juice into a pan of water.
  • Then stick cloves into the orange and place the orange in the pan.
  • Boil over low heat until the fishy smell disappears.

A great tip to say goodbye to bad fish smells in the house!

This trick is very effective for deodorizing the house. Other tips on this subject to discover here: How to deodorize a room?

7. Light matches to camouflage the smell

The smell of lit matches is said to be effective in disguising and removing the smell of fish and other bad smells in the kitchen.

Be careful though, fire is fire and it can be dangerous, so be careful when handling matches.

8. Thyme and bay leaf to get rid of the fishy smell

Do you like natural tips and homemade recipes against bad smells?

  • Place a few sprigs of thyme and bay leaves in a saucepan
  • Add water and boil to spread a good smell throughout the house.

Thyme and bay leaf are very effective in disguising cooking odors in the house.

7. Operate the range hood ?

Remember to turn on your kitchen hood at least ten minutes before you start cooking your fish.

A simple reminder, but very effective against the bad smell of fish in the house while cooking your favorite recipe.

No matter what noxious odor reigns in the house, there is a way to eliminate it effectively. Come quickly read this article: How to change the smell of a house?

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