Fluorescent jellyfish aquarium… WOW

Jellyfish in his house… WOW!

If you like quirky things that are really out of the ordinary, this is the aquarium for you! Imagine having jellyfish in the house or in the office, it’s really beautiful too!

This is an aquarium for small jellyfish to place in the house as decoration! It is really a beautiful aquarium with fluorescent light to admire the jellyfish in the evening and at night.

A nice touch of decoration in the house

Imagine such an aquarium as a decorative touch in the house. Simply beautiful in the living room or even in a bathroom. It really packs a nice punch, do you like it?

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A jellyfish aquarium in the office

Personally, I would love to have this jellyfish aquarium in my home office. Day or night, this aquarium with the fluorescent lights and the jellyfish swimming in it is simply magnificent!

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A video of this magnificent jellyfish aquarium

Finally, here is a video that shows the aquarium and the jellyfish in action in the middle of the night with the fluorescent light, really magnificent!

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