Fruit flies, 10 natural tips

Little flies hover around your fruit?

Fruit flies, although tiny, can be a real nuisance to hang around our fruit on the counter.

Whether outside or even worse inside the house, these fruit flies are never welcome. Want to get rid of it?

10 Tips offers you 10 tips to get rid of fruit flies quickly.

1. A hair dryer against fruit flies

Bring a dryer near those fruit flies. Turn it on and they will be sucked into the back of the device and then released on the other side!

2. The stove to kill fruit flies

Place a banana in the oven and leave the door open. When there are a lot of fruit flies in the oven, close the door and turn on the oven. So they will burn. Of course, don’t forget to clean the oven well when finished to remove any traces of banana flies.

3. Flaming Peaches

Pour a drizzle of alcohol on a plate. Add a few pieces of peaches. When the fruit flies are near the peaches, set the alcohol on fire. Of course, you have to be careful to do this trick. Have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case.

4. Hairspray

Lay a clean paper or towel over your food and spray the fruit flies with hairspray. An effective little trick to get rid of and kill persistent fruit flies.

5. A fruit fly vacuum cleaner

Simply suck up the fruit flies with your vacuum cleaner. Easy, fast and effective against fruit flies. You can also use the vacuum to suck up potato bugs and ladybugs in the spring and fall when the heat sets in.

6. A closed bag as a fly trap

Place pieces of peach or banana in a small resealable plastic bag and close it, leaving a small opening. When the bag is full of fruit flies, close it and throw it in the garbage or put it in the freezer to freeze to death.

7. A dish to put an end to speckles

Place fruit in a tupperware dish and when it’s full of fruit flies close the lid and freeze the dish. The important thing is to kill the fruit flies because they will come back quickly, very quickly in the kitchen.

8. Keep the kitchen clean

Don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter too long, take out the garbage and clean the kitchen regularly with a mixture of water and bleach. A clean kitchen means fewer fruit flies but also fewer ants crawling along the kitchen cabinets.

9. Cover food

Feel free to cover your food as needed. Whether with aluminum foil or whatever. You can even keep your fruit in the fridge if you really prefer to get rid of the bugs. A simple trick that can effectively get rid of fruit flies.

10. Put the fruit in the fridge

Of course, to avoid the appearance of small flies on your fruit, you can simply place them after a few days in the refrigerator.

11. Kill fruit flies with alcohol

And yes, alcohol is a great way to get rid of banana flies. Just put some alcohol in a small container. Then you cover the surface with plastic wrap, you know saran wrap paper. Finally you drill small holes to trap the fruit flies.

If you also have a problem with flies, both inside and outside the house, come quickly read these other tips: Anti-fly remedy.

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