Fun and easy to make Halloween recipes!

What recipe to cook on October 31?

Halloween is coming fast and you still don’t know what to cook to impress your kids and friends? There are several fun and original recipe ideas to cook and enjoy for the evening of October 31.
Today I’m showing you some of these easy and fun recipes to celebrate Halloween with your family.

Fun recipe ideas for Halloween:

1. Strawberries in the shape of little ghosts ?

Your children undoubtedly like to eat strawberries? So why not turn your strawberries into a healthy snack for school or even before you go candy hunting?

Melted white chocolate and beautiful big strawberries, that’s all you need to prepare this first Halloween recipe idea:

Strawberries in the shape of a ghost for Halloween

To discover all the steps and images of this special Halloween recipe, it’s here:

2. Recipe for cupcakes disguised as mummies ?

What an original idea to transform your cupcakes into delicious mummies. Your kids will love your special Halloween muffins and you will too, I’m sure!

mummy muffin, halloween mummy cupcake,

To discover the steps and ingredients of the recipe:

3. Fruit skewer and marshmallow for Halloween

A simple little recipe with fruit and marshmallows to cook for your children on the evening of October 31. It’s hard to make a quicker and easier Halloween recipe, isn’t it!

You can replace the marshmallow with another fruit or even a good big jujube!

fruit skewer

More photos and ideas of this snack recipe here:

4. Cupcake ghosts for October 31!

Here is another perfect recipe for Halloween; cupcakes dressed as ghosts. The Chocolate & Carrots blog offers you a recipe for ghost-shaped cupcakes, perfect for your children and guests on this special Halloween night.

ghost cupcake, halloween cupcake recipe,

All the steps for this ghost cupcake recipe here:

5. Halloween Marshmallow Special

Marshmallows, always very popular with children but also with adults! Here is a very simple idea of ​​appetizers for Halloween, marshmallow pops! Do you like the idea?

marshmallow pops,

For this recipe or for other ideas it’s over here:

6. A denture with apples ?

It’s fall, so it’s the perfect time to use some nice, big apples for these fun recipes. An original idea for Halloween, a mouth or rather a denture with apple slices and mini marshmallows.

mouth with apple and marshmallow,

Come check out all of the teether recipe photos here:

7. Recipe for mummies with sausages

So simple, but such a good idea to entertain your children on Halloween night. Sausages coated in croissant dough that turn into little mummies. Trust me your kids will literally love this sausage mummies recipe! DELICIOUS!

Oh yes I almost forgot, why not prepare a little blood sauce (ketchup) to dip the mummies! ?

croissant dough sausages

All the preparation steps to make this recipe a success are here:

8. Healthy and Fun Halloween Snack Recipes

Although it’s the party of the little monsters, it’s important to prepare healthy snacks to compensate for all the candy that the children will eat!

Here are some simple and easy healthy snack ideas for school and home this Halloween:

All ideas for these snacks and appetizers are offered by:

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