Germany: the Auschwitz camp in virtual reality for the last Nazi trials

A German policeman expert in digital imaging has recreated the Auschwitz camp in virtual reality with an impressive level of detail. This initiative finds its source in the last trials of Nazism concerning the guards of the camps which will take place soon.

More than seven decades after the Second World War, there are still a few trials to be conducted to condemn the last Nazis, namely the former jailers of the concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in which 1.1 million people. It was on this occasion that the Bavarian criminal police in Munich carried out a 3D reconstruction of the site through Ralf Breker, an expert in digital imaging.

The aim is to gather more evidence in the context of future trials in this way. Already in 2013, the Bavarian team went to the camp to scan all the buildings for almost a week. This represented a step forward, but not enough to recreate the camp as it was in 1944. Indeed, the Nazis and then the allies had destroyed part of the camp before the arrival of the Soviet army.

This unfinished work found new impetus when detailed plans were discovered in his archives, which made it possible to complete the 3D modeling almost perfectly. The judicial usefulness of this tool is beyond doubt for Jens Rommel, director of the federal agency investigating Nazi war crimes, interviewed by AFP: “Suspects have often claimed that they worked at Auschwitz, but did not really know what was going on there. It is therefore a question of whether the suspect could have been unaware that people were being led into the gas chambers or shot. This modeling can precisely help to answer this question. »

Thus, prosecutors, judges and plaintiffs can therefore experience the camp by putting on the virtual reality headset.

Sources: Konbini – 20 Minutes

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