Ginger, 10 things to do

Do you have ginger at home?

Ginger is a very interesting food. Not only is it excellent in many dishes, but it is also wonderful for your health.

Moreover, ginger is widely used to fight against nausea, among other things. Would you like to use this great food more? So here are 10 things to do with ginger!

1. Ginger in herbal tea

Ginger herbal tea will be excellent for digestion and even to suppress the appetite.

2. use ginger in infusion

With a little hot water or in the form of tea, infused ginger will also be good for weight loss and relaxation. Do not hesitate to drink it cold.

3. In syrup

Mix 125ml of boiling green tea with a little lemon juice, honey and a piece of peeled ginger to soothe the throat and reduce coughing.

4. Seasoning and ginger

Grate your ginger, add a little olive oil and keep it in a dish to use as a seasoning on your dishes.

5. As an accompaniment

You can also cut your ginger into pieces, pour vegetable oil on it and use it to accompany your dishes. You will only have to mix the pieces well in your recipes.

6. In drink to lose weight

Mix in a large bottle mineral water, grated ginger, lemon juice and mint leaves. You’ll have a great weight loss brew that also packs a punch!

7. In a Chop Suey

Cut your ginger into thin rounds and mix it into your chop suey dish!

8. On seafood

Mix powdered ginger into your salad dressing and drizzle it over your favorite seafood.

9. To relieve a sprain… Ginger

Dip a compress in cooled ginger tea and apply it directly to your sprain for relief.

10. Against nausea

Chew a small piece of ginger to fight nausea. team, stuff to do with ginger

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