Gray hair man, what to do?

Gray hair, what to do?

Most people don’t like gray hair because it is a sign of aging. And of course, nobody wants to grow old and above all, nobody wants to be guessed at their age.

We want to look young and gray hair betrays this secret. But tell yourself that if gray hair is appearing more and more in your hair, some small gestures can prevent gray hair. 10 Tips presents you with 10 tips to eliminate gray hair.

The 10 tips to avoid gray hair:

1. Dye to eliminate gray hair

Of course, the easiest way to make gray hair disappear is to dye your hair. If you buy a canned dye from the store, make sure it says so on the box for gray hair. And if these dyes seem to be working less and less, go see a hairdresser or hairdresser who will make you a stronger and more resistant coloring against gray hair.

2. Bleach your hair to hide the gray

Silver gray or white hair is a pale color so to avoid it looking too much in your natural hair color, bleach your hair lighter. Bleaching will allow you to control her gray and white hair.

3. Avoid stress to avoid gray hair

Stress makes gray hair and white hair appear more. So if you don’t want to end up with a gray head, reduce your stress as much as possible. The simple act of controlling the stress and anxiety in your life will combat gray hair.

4. Vitamins against gray and white hair

Vitamins B5 and B8 are excellent for fighting gray hair and white hair. You will find it in nuts, wholemeal breads and oranges. You can also turn to vitamin B5 supplements to fight white hair and gray hair.

5. Don’t trap your hair

If you constantly wear ponytails, hats or a cap, your hair will feel cramped and it will age faster. So to avoid gray hair, leave your hair free as air.

6. Avoid pool chlorine

Chlorine from swimming pools discolors dyed hair in addition to yellowing gray hair! So if you have some gray hair, it will look more yellow and it will be even less discreet. So it is better to avoid the pool or even better to wear a swimming cap if you have gray and white hair.

7. Avoid smoking…Really?

Cigarette smoke also has a yellowing effect on gray hair. And yellow gray hair is worse than having white hair, don’t you think. So if you are a heavy sun smoker it is better to reduce the cigarette to fight gray hair and their yellow color.

8. Care for gray hair

Treatments for white and gray hair exist precisely to prevent white hair from becoming too yellow and too conspicuous.

9. Assume your gray hair

Why not just insure her gray hair once and for all! Having a few gray and white hairs or even whole strands is not ugly at all. It can bring a lot of charm and wisdom to the look for both men and women. So assume your gray hair!

10. Eat certain foods

Certain foods such as dark chocolate, dried fruits and vegetables are good against white hair, gray hair and baldness. So if you’re a young man or woman, stave off gray hair with healthy foods.

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