Green clay, 10 things to do

How to use green clay at home?

Green clay can be used for a multitude of tips and recipes. It is an interesting material that works well and also has many benefits.

Would you like to use this product more? 10 Tips then offers you 10 tips and uses to do with green clay.

1. Beauty masks with green clay

After cleansing your skin, apply some green clay on the face. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse your face well to remove all the clay. Your skin will be radiant and resplendent afterwards.

2. Against neck pain

If you have pain in the neck green clay can help you feel better quickly. Just apply a little green clay on the neck where it hurts and then you will be relieved.

3. Green clay against physical pain

If you often have physical pain green clay can be a good remedy for you and your body. For 1 hour or 2 apply green clay on the sore region of your body. Then rinse and repeat as needed 2 to 3 times during the day if the pain is still present.

4. To gargle your mouth

Pour some green clay into a glass of water, gargle your mouth and spit it out. To do every day. Be careful, you have to be careful to spit everything out, you must not swallow the green clay.

5. Hair and green clay

Did you know that green clay can be used as hair care? Simply apply green clay directly to the hair. Wait 8 minutes and rinse well to completely remove the clay from your hair. In the end your hair will be soft and silky.

6. Against warts

Apply green clay to your wart overnight. When you wake up, the wart will already be much smaller. Of course, you have to apply green clay for several nights to see a real difference in your wart.

7. Heal the skin with green clay

Another use for Green Clay is to heal the skin faster. Apply a little green clay to a healed and closed wound. It is a good remedy to help the skin heal and heal faster.

8. Good for animals

A green clay mud bath for pets such as dogs and cats will be great for their health and beauty. You will quickly see a marked improvement in the hair of your dog and your cat.

9. A clay bath

Mix some green clay in a glass of water and pour the water into your bath water. Your skin will be very soft once the bath is finished. Be careful not to put too much Green Clay in your bath because you could clog the drain of your bath and plumbing, so be careful.

10. Whiten teeth with clay

Mix a little water and green clay to make a paste and put it on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth and rinse. Your teeth will be whiter. Once again it is important to spit it out well so as not to swallow clay while brushing your teeth.

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