Haircuts and hairstyles for 50 year old women!

Looking for a cute hairstyle for 50 year old woman?

Have you just turned 50 and are really tired of your current haircut and hairstyle? Why not take the opportunity to change your look, change your hairstyle?

10 Tips offers you 10 superb hairstyle and haircut ideas for women aged 50 and over.

The 10 hairstyle ideas for a 50 year old woman:

1. A pretty blonde hairstyle on medium-length hair

Hairstyle on medium-length blonde hair for women over 50

2. A nice short haircut for women over 50

short haircuts for 50 year old women

3. A cute side view hairstyle, do you like it?

hairstyle for 50 year old woman side view

4. How about long hair… Even at 50!

Long hair for a 50 year old woman

5. A beautiful fashion hairstyle at 50… Why not!

fashion hairstyle for 50 year old woman

6. Reddish brown hair for women over 50

Short brown and red hair for women over 50

7. WOW… What a beautiful woman! Do you like her hairstyle?

Headband, 50 year old woman

8. A nice balayage in blonde tones

Blonde Hairstyle with Chestnut and Blonde Balayage

If you are looking for other tips to camouflage your white head in addition to this coloring, come and read this other article: Color or wick to hide white hair.

9. Trendy fashion look for a 50 year old woman

Trendy and fashionable 50 year old woman

10. Blonde Short Haircut with Frank

Short cut with blond hair and with bangs

Now that you’ve found that new hairstyle how about losing those few extra pounds? Come and read our tips here: Tips for losing weight at 50.

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