Hanging shoe rack: 10 hacks

How to modify a hanging shoe rack?

Have you ever seen fabric storage for shoes in a store or at a friend’s, do you know the type of storage that should be hung in a wardrobe or behind the closet door?

10 Tips offers you today 10 great hacks to do with hanging shoe storage. You will love our ideas!

The 10 shoe rack hacks:

1. Shoe storage in the pantry

The first hack is to use your shoe rack to store fruits, vegetables, and other pantry stuff.

vegetable pantry shoe storage

2. Put away DIY stuff

It’s not always easy to store all the children’s DIY stuff at home. But with this shoe rack hack you can finally get your kids’ DIY items in order.

Storage for DIY items with a hanging shoe rack

3. To store your camping stuff

Going camping requires a lot of organization and preparation. So to help you, here is an idea for using a shoe rack while camping. Perfect for storing all your camping stuff.

Camping hacks with a hanging shoe rack

4. A vertical herb garden

How about turning a hanging shoe rack into a vertical garden for herbs and other small plants? What a great ingenious idea.

shoe rack turn into herb garden

5. Organization of the pharmacy at home

Why not use your shoe rack to organize and store all your medicine cabinet and first aid stuff? Be careful not to make your medication accessible to children. Install the rack high up to avoid this.

storage of the pharmacy and first aid at home

6. Storage for household products

Are you running out of space to store all your household products at home? Here’s how to hack a simple shoe rack into a storage for household products. Perfect for installing behind the closet door.

store household products in the cupboard

7. A little storage in the car

Another idea for using a shoe rack is to place it behind one of the seats in the car. You can put toys and other things for your child or even practical things for the car, quite simply.

Car storage hack

8. Store water bottles

We accumulate over time a lot of water bottles and other types of bottles. Fortunately, here is a great idea for you to organize your bottles in the house.

water bottle storage

9. Storage for wrapping paper

You do not know what to do to put order in your rolls of wrapping paper? Here’s an idea for turning a shoe rack into wrapping paper storage!

HACK storage for wrapping paper

10. Storage in the shower

Whether to install in a small shower or elsewhere in the bathroom, this idea for storing your shower stuff is really great! You can also bring this storage for your next camping trip.

organizing stuff in the shower and bath

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