He builds a one-tonne bike, the heaviest in the world!

More for pleasure than necessity, some people sometimes like to roam the landfills in order to find something to tinker with. Regularly, there are surprises, like this German who built the heaviest bike in the world this way!

This bike, made by the German Frank Dose (49 years old), is a real monster of 940kg. After a few months of tinkering and recovery, the beast was born, totally made of steel, while the wheels, 1.53 meters high, come from an industrial tractor.

“I think his bike is sensational. I’m proud and happy that he finished it. » declares his partner Astrid, for the British daily Daily Mail, who seems relieved that this DIY work, started in March 2016, is finally finished.

These 940kg represent a record which will be authenticated by the Guinness World Records on September 3, 2016. The German will be asked to cover a distance of 500 yards (457 meters) with his creation in order to validate this world record, i.e. practically half a kilometer. Frank Dose’s bike weighs more than the current record holder at 860kg.

The interested party does not want to stop on such a good path, no offense to his wife, since he plans to eventually reach 1200kg, which is as much as a commercial vehicle or a black rhinoceros. African (Diceros bicornis) medium sized. And yet, it is already necessary to use a truck to move this steel bicycle over a great distance. For 6 months, Frank Dose has also spent around 3500 pounds sterling, or more than 4000 euros!

Sources: Daily Mail – SHZ – UberGizmo

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