He built an instant camera out of Lego bricks!

A few of us got littleHave fun making a fake camera out of Lego bricks. However, this photographer from Hong Kong managed to entirely customize your device using these same bricks. The least we can say is that no one can remain indifferent to the result!

The photographer « Albertino » explains on his own Instax Magic platform how he developed his camera, a job that would have taken him several months. Its dual-lens instant camera is beautifully covered with the famous Lego bricks. The interested party says of himself that he is a “instant photo magician” and it may not be for nothing…

The device is enclosed in a Lego cube resembling a small house and nothing is left to chance. An LCD screen is present in order to have a preview of the photo and a hiding place has been developed by the photographer reserved for the button triggering the printing of the shot. The latter exits through a small notch provided for this purpose.

Obviously the two objectives point the tip of their noses through two holes dug in a plate. However, beyond the cute side of this toy-like device, this one is a real feat of DIY. Indeed, the camera is a vintage model from the Japanese brand TLR Yashica combined with a film ejection system obtained from an Instax Mini from Fujifilm! Alverto gives his explanation for this astonishing choice:

“Using instant film adds a new dimension to TLR. Classic TLR uses a common film format and it requires special processing to develop the photos, which takes time. With the Instax Mini’s camera roll, I’m always ready to give people their picture instantly. It’s a surprising and magical moment to see an instant photo come out of the Lego device. Especially with the suspense of discovering the image that gradually appears. »

Here is a video preview of this magnificent instant camera:

Sources: Numerama – Konbini

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