He invents a drone to preserve the tranquility of animals

A French engineer has built a unique drone made of durable materials and taking care to respect wildlife. One of the missions of this device will be to help forest rangers in difficulty without disturbing the living animals in the vicinity.

Julien Lerch is a young engineer from Alsace who studied electrical and computer engineering before starting a business in 2012. The drone called Aube, whose characteristics can be seen below, is a concentrate of his passion for programming and his ecological conscience!

(Image credit: Dawn)

The Aube drone is able to film at height without causing noise pollution. It is not a noisy four-engine, but a drone equipped with a paramotor and a sail. Thus, we could qualify it as a drone-paraglider. For the person concerned, it is not a question of “compete with multirotors or drone-aircraft”.

The device has a battery life of one hour and has the capacity to carry a load of 2.4 kg. This was printed in 3D in order to reduce the ecological footprint, and this, with biodegradable materials, the most concrete example being the frame designed in biocompostable plastic.

The purpose of the Aube drone is to film the animals with a quality camera without disturbing them, but it can also provide assistance to forest rangers encountering difficulties and possibly needing help. This drone can effectively become an outstanding companion for the forest ranger, whose main mission is to ensure the conservation of species and therefore their diversity.

(Image credit: Dawn)

The advantage of the silent drone is to be much less invasive than a human visit and by using this device, the observation time is necessarily reduced, because it is more efficient. An engineer building a drone capable of evolving without harming already fragile ecosystems, what a breath of fresh air!

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